Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Whoa, baby. Today has been one of those days.

You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones where your eyes are burning and your head is reeling and you're not sure if you can possibly do one more thing. Which is why I'm taking five precious minutes to escape to blog world.
Hello, world.

I have been nonstop since 5:30 this morning. And while I love days like today where everything is flying by, I am officially exhausted and running out of steam. I feel as though I've been more productive today then I have all week (and yes, I do realize that it's only Tuesday). But I still have so much left to accomplish.

I am in a desperate rush to finish going through all of Sean and I's 'apartment' junk stuff so that my mom and I can have a garage sale. We were so blessed during our wedding to receive so many brand new things, but now we have so many items that we no longer need. And naturally, (love you hubs), I am the only one going through everything. Which is OK, I'd much rather do it then have Sean do it, but it's so time consuming and not really all that fun.

My mom has been so kind (ha) as to continually brings bags and bags of stuff over to our house from her house that I have managed to collect over the years. And while I realize that she is just trying to get her own house in order, it sure does make it a heck of a lot harder for me to get mine in order! Soon enough, though. One of these days my house is going to be 100% a home. Take THAT extra junk.

I can't stand being unorganized. It stresses me out. If you saw my kitchen cabinets you would know I'm a little obsessive about things being in their place. And I will happily show them to you if you ask... hehe. Maybe I'm a smidgen proud of how organized they are looking these days.

I have come to realize that I am obsessed with Bed, Bath & Beyond and The Container Store. Those two stores have managed to steal more money from me then I even believed possible. Every time I see some new way to organize a drawer or cabinet, my mind immediately begins ticking with all the different ways I can utilize those new items. And before I know it, I'm wandering in on my lunch break filling my basket with all of said items.

Am I the only one with this extreme problem?

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday and that it went by as quickly as mine did. Tomorrow is officially the halfway point of the week! And this is going to be quite a good one... Today is my sweet father's birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!!!), Thursday is my father-in-law's birthday, and Sunday is my dear friend Allison's birthday. And Sunday, oh Sunday! I am running the Mistletoe 5k - my first 5k ever! I am extremely excited and nervous about this!!



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