Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today is the PERFECT day

Today is the perfect day.

I love sunshine. When I think of sunshine I think of smiles and laughter. I think of sprinklers and freshly cut grass. I think of lounging by the pool in a bikini wearing a really awesome pair of sunglasses and sunscreen that faintly smells of coconut. I think of cutoff shorts and tank tops. I think of flip flops and bright pedicures. I think of sitting outside soaking up LIFE itself, reading a magazine and being lazy. I think of boats and water and swimming. I think of SUMMER and sunflowers and nights on the beach where all you need is a blanket to lay on so you can listen to the crash of waves against the shore and stare up at the vast infinite sky and see all those little dots of stars that are so very far away.

But sometimes, as much as I crave sunshine and summer days, sometimes you just need a little bit of grey.

Which brings me back to where I started. Today is the perfect day.

There is no sun today. There are only low-hanging rain clouds and soft sprinkles of water littering the ground. There is the joy in knowing that when I get home tonight, I'm going to change into my most comfortable pair of sweatpants and put on some warm slippers and relish the fact that its gloomy outside. Because sometimes you just need a gloomy day. There is the simple pleasure in knowing that curling up with a good book is the EXACT thing to pair with this day, and the hope that maybe it will storm and the thunder and lightning will compliment staying in as much as the soft clouds and sunshine compliment playing outside.

I would never want every day to be grey. I relish the sunshine too much. But today, with the cooler weather, today, I'm grateful that it's grey.

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  1. I Love your positivity.. One more reason I Love YOU!