About ME

I am a runner. But not by design. Naturally athletic? Not here. I work to be good at it, and even then I'm your average runner, not your exceptional runner. I swam growing up, partied in college, and then realized that I wasn't 15 years old anymore and that I had to work to be in shape. I started working out, and then somewhere in there started running. Initially it was just to lose weight, and then somewhere along the way I fell in love. Running and I are like every relationship, we get in fights, we make up, we have highs, we have lows, sometimes we break up, and then come running (ha ha) back to each other. 

I get a high off racing. It's unreal and fantastic. I ran for a few years, but only a couple miles at a time before I started racing. But after the first one I was hooked. And now I spend 99% of my spare time trying to figure out the next race I'll run. I tried to tell the hubs that running was a "cheap" hobby of mine, but let's be honest - running is expensive. Luckily he golfs and races motocross, so his hobbies are more expensive than mine, which makes me win in the "cheap" hobby department.

I REALLY love frozen yogurt. I could eat it for every meal, no lie. I try to balance my frozen yogurt intake with my running. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I eat all the time. So it's a good thing that I run all the time. 

And I really love this guy. But you can read about him in the next tab.