Monday, January 31, 2011

relaxing weekend replay

Sometimes, you just need a break.

This weekend? Definitely one of those times. I came off of a very long and stressful week and I was just not having it on Friday. I came home not wanting to fix dinner, not wanting to do anything. Thank God my husband can bounce back from these things. No dinner? No problem, he had a late lunch anyway and he really just wants some ramen. No going out? Good thing, Winter X Games are on and he wanted to watch them anyway. Oh baby, I am so thankful for you!

We did nothing Friday night. I heated up some canned turkey chili and he made ramen. We had two glasses of wine, watched X games, and went to bed early.

And Saturday? Saturday, I woke up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready. I cleaned like you'd never believe, scrubbing floors and cabinets, beating dust out of rugs, swiping counter tops clean... Every time I'd think about taking a break, I'd get a new rush of readiness to tackle a room. And at the end of it, as I sat on the couch surveying my house, I was so so happy. But the life of a wife doesn't stop there. There was still laundry to be done and grocery shopping to accomplish. And accomplish I did.

My sweet husband went to the motocross track for the first time in months Saturday. Which was perfect for me, because I needed him out of the house. I needed the quiet and the alone time to clean. And let me tell you, when he walked through the door as I was curled up on the couch reading, it lit up my soul. Because there he was, sweaty, dirty, and so very happy. He looked like a little boy as he explained how great he felt, how wonderful it was, and how much he had missed riding. My heart could have burst with how happy I was because of how happy he was.

We finished off our night with oysters and seeing True Grit - which was pretty good. And at 10pm on Saturday night, we went to bed. Because at 5am on Sunday morning, we were getting out of bed. At 6am on Sunday morning, we were walking up to Minute Maid with my family, and at 7:30am on Sunday morning, we were running.

There really are no words to explain how cool it is to see literally thousands of people come together for an event. And there really are no words to explain how awesome it is to see my whole family lifting my mom's sweet friend up by participating in this race. Because my mom's friend has Parkinson's disease. So my whole family raised money to donate to HAPS (Houston Area Parkinson's Society) and then we all went out there and walked or ran. It didn't matter that it was raining or that it was cold or that Sean and Luke don't run - we did it anyway. And it was awesome.

The other awesome thing? My last post was wrong. I looked up my official time. And it was 26:42. Which got me thinking. So I looked up my official time from the first 5k I did. It was 28:41. So in a little over a month, I managed to take 2 whole minutes off my race time. God is awesome, and the bodies that he gave us that allow us to accomplish even the smallest of things are amazing.

And the rest of Sunday, you ask? The rest of Sunday I spent sitting on my back porch with my husband, sipping cold beers and watching motocross and x games, throwing darts and grilling burgers. And it was perfect.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

5k - the short version

I don't really have it in me to post right now, but I do want to say that our 5k this morning was a success!

My goal was to run it in 28 minutes and I finished in 27:11 :) Hurray!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

hurray for vacations, boo for mondays

I'm not really sure where to start with this post, as I will never be able to aptly describe exactly how I felt or the extent to which the trip I took to Virginia was needed.

I took off Friday of this past week so that I could fly to Virginia to see my best friend. I've talked about her before and how amazing she is, but there really aren't enough words to describe her incredible personality and strength. That being said, Friday was her 25th birthday and her dear husband shipped out on the 13th of January for seven long months at sea.

Let me pause there and tell you that I am so proud of her for being able to survive in a state where she has no family and not a lot of close friends while her husband is away. I know how incredibly sad she is, but I also know how incredibly proud she is of her sweet, sweet husband. There is no way I could have handled the situation with as much grace as she is showing right now.

The entire plane ride up there I was convinced I was not going to cry. The second I stepped off the plane and saw her though, we were both in tears. You see, this is the first time in four very long years that we have had each other's undivided attention. No family, no friends, no husbands - just the two of us. And I am so grateful.

I could go into the details about every last thing that we did, but I won't bore you with those things. I will tell you that we literally shopped til we dropped on Saturday, that we cried our eyes out during The Time Travelers Wife, and that we stayed up late being 100% honest with each other about anything and everything.

You see, that's the beauty of a true best friend. No matter how much the truth may hurt, you still are able to tell them exactly what they need to hear, even if it isn't what they want  to hear, and they still are going to love you afterwards and respect what you told them.

I am so incredibly blessed to have her in my life. So Jen, I love you so much. And yes, I am tearing up right now ;)

To give you a funny little side story though, I will tell you about my amazing (note the sarcasm) experience flying home on Sunday :)

I got to the airport early, and let me tell you, the airport in Newport News is MUCH smaller than Bush or Hobby. So I had plenty of time to kill. What does one do with that much time? I went to the bar and ordered a bloody mary, hehe.

After boarding the plane I flew into Atlanta. This is where it got sticky. See, we landed late in Atlanta. How do you feel about this:

My plane was supposed to land at 3:35pm. Instead it landed at 3:45pm. 10 minutes isn't that big of a deal, right? Wrong. My gate was C-53.

My connecting flight to Houston departed at 4:10. Boarding started at 3:30. I have no clue where my gate is. So I am running, literally, with a huge and heavy weekender bag full of clothes and shoes, and a purse that is housing three magazines, my daily devotional book, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book. But I digress. I'm running up to the tv that gives the gate numbers. My gate is B-33. I don't even know where B-33 is. So in true Home Alone style, I run through the airport. I only stop when I see a security guard to ask him where B-33 is located in between gasping for breath. And do you know what he tells me?

"Go down a level and catch the train".

Excuse me? The train? I just took off running. I didn't catch the train either, I ran the entire way. I ran all the way to gate B-33 - which not only was a floor down, but was also across the airport AND the very last gate on the floor.

I run up at 4:05. Thank goodness. I make my flight, text Sean to tell him about it, and then settle in for the ride.

As we're taxiing over to my gate in Houston, I turn on my phone and - are you ready for this? - it dies. Are you kidding me? So now I'm freaking out. Because I don't know where Sean is. I use a payphone for the first time in probably 15 years and call my parents, because it's one of the few numbers I know by heart (which, as a side note, do you remember the days when you memorized everyone's phone numbers?? at this point I was really wishing I still did that.). Naturally, they don't answer (later, I find out that my mom was going to answer but my dad told her not to because it was a payphone and there was some payphone scam going on - of course).  At this point, all I can't remember the last 4 digits of Sean's work cell phone. So I do the next logical thing - I turn on my iTouch. Naturally, there isn't free wifi and the stupid thing is constantly blinking that it only has 20% battery remaining. I don't care iTouch! I download some crazy app onto it so that I can get wifi and do the only thing I can think of - I email Sean.

To make a long story short, we finally did find each other.

Whew! :)

Have a spectacular week everyone! 5k Sunday, YES!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It is 100% unimportant that i bought a brand new weekender bag for my trip to Virginia this weekend. (Thanks Target for having such cute bags. And Jenn, yes it is the same one that Jan has, I couldn't resist. Oh and Roxie - thank you. You don't know it, but you paid for it! Haha, one of my Christmas gift cards paid for it).

It is also 100% unimportant that I am on the hunt for another pair of boots.

I have a MASSIVE headache right now. To compensate, I am eating dark chocolate Hershey kisses.

I had a MARATHON phone conversation with the BFF last night. It lasted over 3 hours. For those of you that know me, you know that NEVER HAPPENS. I hate being on the phone for even 10 minutes. I am a texting snob and I avoid phone conversations like the plague.

It doesn't matter that I haven't even begun to start packing for my trip yet, or that I most likely will over pack.

In two weeks I run my 2nd 5k. Dear 10k, be forewarned, I am coming for you. My new goal is to be prepared to run my first 10k this year the same weekend (roughly) that I ran my first 5k last year.

Who's ready for summer? ME. I despise this weather. I want my shorts, my flip flops, my hair in a ponytail and my swim suit on.

Oh and for anyone who has any good advice - I am on the hunt for a GOOD (i.e. expensive) brown leather purse and flat black leather boots. Also, not that it's a requirement, but I have a huge Michael Kors bias (a year of working there will do that to a girl), so I'd prefer my bag be MK. I almost broke down and bought this plus yellow leather tote today, but then I realized two things: A) I already have a yellow purse and B) When will I ever use a yellow tote? (Please, no one answer that, as I really shouldn't waste money on something so frivolous).

Today is dragging by. COME ON THURSDAY AT 6!!

I hope everyone is having a spectacular week!

Monday, January 17, 2011

i am trying really hard to think of something cool to write about, but i am lacking the motivation right now. so i figured i'd give some bullets of whats going on in my life as of rightttttt NOW.

  • went camping this past weekend with 13 other people (15 total with Sean and i) - success!
  • it was freezing cold and raining all weekend, but we still managed to have a great time
  • Sean caught our comforter (in our tent) on fire, but caught it in time
  • i threw away the comforter after camping
  • i am desperately wanting to go back to school right now *sigh*
  • in four days, i will be on a plane and i can not WAIT
  • i am on a serious budget right now. which explains why i had to buy new sweatpants last week *siggghhh, im horrible with budgets*
  • i have developed a serious love of mimosas
  • i am officially behind in my daily devotionals, but am trying to catch up
  • i really am enjoying going to the gym again
  • i found out that i run better outside when im not listening to music (weird)
  • i am set to run my next 5k on January 30 and will be signing up for one in February shortly after that
  • i am ridiculously in love with my husband (like you didn't already know...)
  • these rainy days have been quite pleasant
  • can someone please just give me a health & nutrition degree??
that's all for now. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a little of this and that

There's not a whole lot of shows that I watch regularly right now. Even my HBO shows are over (depressing!). So I'm pretty much down to football (and I have to say, since we watch it so often I don't think I'm going to be that sad for it to be over - though I do love Superbowl Sunday), the Mentalist (which hubs has told me extensively how much he likes ;) yay for getting him hooked!) and... oh wait, that's it.

Until last night. Last night I caught the tail-end of the Biggest Loser. And I would have never, ever picked to watch that show, but the hubs had it on while he was grilling steaks and I got hooked. I literally could not stop watching... or tearing up (I am a HUGE SUCKER for things like this). I've told Sean repeatedly that I shouldn't be allowed to watch tv shows (or movies - i.e. The Blind Side) like that because I am immediately in tears. And now I'm a devoted watcher. Just. Like. THAT.

This week has been PAINFULLY SLOW. I've had to plan things to do on my lunch break every day to keep me motivated to get through it.

Monday - BBB to pick up some of the 'Wonder Hangers' and a new jewelry holder.

Has anyone used these?

They were a stocking stuffer from my husband over Christmas and I kinda laughed at him when I saw them and made some sort of comment along the lines of "what're you trying to say?!?!" (ok, so maybe I have a bursting at the seams very full closet, so what?!). Well when I went into overdrive on Sunday cleaning, I put those in my closet. AH-MAZING. Love them. And I didn't have enough so I went back for more. :) Just FYI.

Tuesday I went to Target because they are having their Great Save event (or something like that) and their Wii Fits were on sale. So now we're the proud owner of...

I can hardly wait to get home and play with it! We set the Wii up last night, so while Sean is at softball tonight I'm going to be Wii-fitting it up! Woohoo! :)

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now.



Sunday, January 9, 2011

cleaning out

***Not that it really is very important, but I feel that it's necessary that I let all of you know that I do in fact have a clean house now :) While I didn't stop until 9pm last night, I did manage to get the whole house clean and have successfully cleaned out all of my clothes and shoes that are in my room. Now I have a whole room dedicated to things I'm getting rid of someday :)***

When I got up on Saturday morning it was with the thought that I would clean all day Saturday and then only have to worry about grocery shopping on Sunday.

I can not even begin to tell you how WRONG I was about this.

Let me tell you, cleaning out is no fun at all. Because I knew I would get distracted, I piled everything that was sitting on the floor in our room on our bed. Then I cleaned our bathroom and dusted/swept/mopped our bathroom and room before attempting to tackle the mess that used to be our bed.


I don't know that I've ever been that frustrated. And as I sit here, at almost 5:30pm on Sunday, I can tell you that I'm STILL not done. We have WAY too much junk. I'm willing to bet that most of it we could throw away and  never notice it was gone.

So at 4 yesterday, I gave up. I popped a bottle of champagne, made a mimosa, and hugged my husband. Because we were both in bad moods. Because we both had been working all day on projects that neither of us thought would take 'that long'.

And after that, we showered and left the house. Sometimes, you just need to LEAVE. SO we went to BDubs and had a beer, and then went to Monster Jam (which was AWESOME!).

I did get up and grocery shop this morning. And I did keep cleaning. But my house is still a DISASTER and I don't feel like I've made that much headway.

So to counteract that, I locked myself in our room, ran some steaming hot bath water, threw in some bubbles, grabbed the Chelsea Handler book "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" and a glass of red wine, and spent an hour reading and enjoying a bubble bath. It was the first time our bathtub had ever been used. And It. Was. Glorious.

Then I continued cleaning out before I gave up for the third time in two days and went to Target.

And do you know what HORRIBLE fact I learned upon entering Target?


I almost passed out. What kind of sick joke is that?! It's 40 degrees outside and everyone is still carrying around their winter layer AND YOU PUT SWIM SUITS OUT?!?

Target, you have disappointed me. I knew the time was close, but it's still JANUARY.

I guess it's their way of reminding everyone to stay true to their New Year's Resolutions. I type that as I'm sitting here eating chips and guacamole and thinking about everything else that I've eaten today.

But, one thing I did learn while at Target was that their Wii Fits are on sale, so I am going back armed with gift cards from Christmas (thank you Roxie!!!) and my Wii and I are going to re-bond. :)

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fresh faced and ready to face the day...

Good morning!

Some mornings I write out vindictive little posts, full of hate and scorn for whatever is ailing me at that moment. Yesterday was one such day. I bitterly typed out word after word because yesterday was not a pretty day. It was gloomy and angry and maybe a little bit of sorrowful as well. I was wanting and grasping for something that was not there. But I clicked that magical little 'x' in the upper right hand corner of my browser after typing it out and *poof*, just like that, it was gone.

It's a good thing. Because today I woke up clogged with sleep and more than a little hesitant to tiptoe out of bed, but with a smile on my face. My sweet husband greeted me with a kiss as we were both out the door - I to face day two of workouts for the "new year", he to face day one of "back to work" after two solid weeks off (and let me tell you, after two weeks of seeing him unshaven and in shorts and t-shirts, he was looking mighty handsome as he walked out fresh-faced and in pressed slacks and a long-sleeve button down shirt, smelling of freshly showered wonderfulness... be still my beating heart, as he can still take my breath away when he catches my eye in just the right way).

Two weeks off is a long time. For both of us. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't filled with more than a little frustration the past two weeks as I scurried out of bed and he snoozed on undisturbed. I'd be lying if I said that we weren't both a little testy towards the end of his two weeks off of work. And I would definitely be lying if I said that I greeted him with a smile after arguing with him about him coming to help me out with my flat tire on my way to work yesterday, as I sat on the side of 290 filled with tears of frustration. But the absolutely beautiful thing about marriage is that you get over it. There is no "I'm breaking up with you" or in our case "I'm divorcing you" because we're too petty to work things out (and before I start a controversy. I understand that some people do in fact need a divorce because, for whatever reason, they married the wrong person. But my husband and I took our vows to the grave, and we are there through thick and thin, and through that bliss that occurs in between thick and thin).

So now that the sun has risen a new, albeit cloudy, day has begun, let me celebrate all of the defining things that have happened in the past few days.

On Thursday we left work at about 2:30 and I drove straight to the wonder that is Macy's in search of a new bedspread for one of our guest bedrooms. You see, Macy's stole my heart the day they sent me an American Express that I have shamelessly used to purchase items that I "need" on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, they didn't carry the bedspread I was looking for, so - after a quick stop into Kohl's - I headed home. Sean and I then went to RA sushi for some happy hour sushi and then onto a different Macy's ('cause he's so awesome!) to  buy the bedspread that I was in love with (and he hated). We then went on to Little Woodrow's to see our dear friends Daniel, Tosha, Andrew and Lindsay (and a few others) to celebrate Daniel's birthday. (Happy Birthday, friend, we love you!). We were home relatively early and suffered through one of those tests of strength that marriage sometimes takes you to, but Friday dawned and we are still one entity, though very obviously two very different people ;).

Which brings me to Friday, on New Year's. Sean and I ran around all day, running errands, cleaning, getting finger foods ready, etc. The normal hustle and bustle of having people over, except this time it's New Year's. I was blessed to spend New Year's with some very close friends of mine, though in an effort to make good on one of my New Year's resolutions, I grabbed my camera a little too quickly and it landed with a crunch on the floor. Goodbye, camera screen, you sure were good to me when I used you.

Saturday was a lazy day for Sean and I, though my coworker/one of my best friends and her fiance did come by for a short round of champagne and leftover beer, before Sean and I retired to the couch and football.

Sunday I headed to Lupe Tortilla for lunch with one of my very closest friends Alisa, whom I hadn't seen in TOO long, and we enjoyed some gossip, margaritas, and good Mexican food. (Alisa, if you read this, I love you so much!). Then it was off for a hectic trip to HEB and back home to grill burgers with two of my favorite engaged couples - Jenn and Brian and Mark and Kristen. These people never cease to light up my soul, as every time we get together it's filled with endless laughter and good times. My dear, dear friend Jenn surprised me with lots of goodies (and Jenn, I realized I never gave you your gifts!! They are sitting in my backseat, waiting for you!).

And while I don't even want to delve into Monday and all of it's unfortunate adventures, I will say that I came home to a new set of tires, a full tank of gas, a very sweet husband, and a new new-to-us favorite movie of mine (Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang) for a much-needed movie night. (Thank you, honey, you are my soul mate!).

And maybe sometimes we need some storms in our lives to look back the next day and truly appreciate every day that isn't filled with thunder and lightning.