Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 14 - A picture you love

Before I go on with the blog challenge I have to point out that my sister-in-law is one TOUGH woman!

Today we are welcoming little baby Zoee into the world!! She made her debut this morning around 8am at a WHOPPING 10lbs! GO CASI! And for those of you that know Casi, you know she is one thin woman. So how she keeps producing these healthy-sized children is beyond me! (Asher, her first son, was around 9+lbs... And then Zoee came ha!)

I love Casi and Sonny both - I couldn't ask for a better sister/brother-in-law. I was blessed to have Casi as one of my bridesmaids in our wedding and Sonny married Sean and I - it really doesn't get more special or personal than that.

Here is a picture of Casi, Sonny and Asher from our wedding. You can't tell, but little Zoee is present in this picture too. Casi's just so darn cute and tiny that even though she was a couple months pregnant you couldn't tell. Love them.

Back to blog challenge... A picture I love...

I've always loved this picture of Sean and I. It's from one day at the lake and Casi snapped it at the perfect moment. Ahhh :)

Since I don't feel like posting any additional pictures today, you're saved from my tyrade of pictures :)

Have a GREAT Thursday!



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