Wednesday, November 17, 2010


There is nothing I hate more than being cold. And cold is what I was this morning.

I've come to realize that the colder it gets, the less covers I seem to have each morning (thanks, hon). I'm fairly certain Sean doesn't realize it, but each morning when I wake up half of me is frozen due to the fact that I don't even have sheets! The only warm spot has been where my sweet kitty has been cuddled up next to me purring away. And let me tell you, with a cat purring against your throat (he sleeps right under my chin) it's very difficult to sleep.

Anyhow, there's two parts of my morning that I'm being to dread.

The first is the waking up freezing part. It makes me not want to get out of bed. Once I get out and get going it's not so bad because by the time I make it out the door to run I have significantly warmed up and then the running keeps me going. Not that I'm warm by any means.

The second is getting out of the shower. I relish hot showers - even in the summertime - and every morning its like 15 minutes of glory as I stand underneath the pelting hot water. But the second I turn off the water it gets perceptibly colder. And when I open the shower door it's like a little bit of death seeps in. I hate it!

Clearly I have nothing interesting to blog about this morning. Sorry for such a weird little post.

Thank goodness it's Wednesday. For the first time in WEEKS Sean and I have zero plans this weekend and I could not be happier.




  1. COME TO WASHINGTON DC WITH KYLE AND I!! WE ARE GOING FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY and staying a block away from the White House...yall would love it!!

  2. can i get a little more notice?!?!?

    ughh that sounds so fun!!