Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Days 21 & 22

Before I start our scheduled blog posts, I have to preface it by saying I LOVE having girl time! I had the pleasure of going to a cute little Italian restaurant called Collina's last name with some of my favorite ladies - Jenn, Tracy & Kristen to celebrate Kristen's recent ENGAGEMENT! I could not be more thrilled for Kristen, she is such a cute girl and her and her FIANCE!! are adorable together.

And time spent with J, T & K? Always awesome. We always laugh so much. It's a shame it always takes us so long to get together, but we always have SUCH a good time when we do! It kinda makes me smile because we all are SO very different from one another, which is why I think we all click so well - not one of us is the same :) I love you girls!

OK on to blog challenge...

Day 21-Picture of yourself
I typically don't really like pictures of just me but let me peruse facebook for a second to see if I can find one. If not you'll have to settle for one of me and someone else...
Actually you're in luck - I love this picture because it describes me perfectly:
I love laughing more than anything and to give you some background on the picture this was at Sean and I's first couple's shower for our wedding and I had just been handed a Victoria's Secret box and my dad, silly as he is, was hounding me to show everyone what was inside... Are you ready for it? It was a... drum roll... GIFT CARD. Jokes on you, Dad! :)

Day 22-Favorite city

EASY. I love Houston, I was born and raised here and quickly made my way back after graduation. I love San Marcos, I spent four (and a half) spectacular years there. But the city that has, and has had since my senior year of high school, my heart?

San Francisco.

I love everything about that city. I love the trolley cars, the fog that rolls in each morning, the smell of the ocean, the brisk crispness of the air... I love the wineries, I love the hills and scenery... I love PacBell Stadium, walking into coffee shops, the Golden Gate bridge, heck I love just walking up and down the streets... I love it all.

I took this while we were driving through the Golden Gate. Oh San Fran, I love you!

And I'll leave you all with the lovely knowledge that it's WEDNESDAY! And the week has reached it's halfway point!



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  1. Whoa for this post! I had such a GREAT time! Can't wait to do it again and make more "stories" together!!

    LOVE that pic of you, I'll go ahead and pat myself on the back for catching your personality so well :)