Friday, November 19, 2010

ohhh man

If work is going as quickly for you as it is for me right now, then can you even believe it's already Friday?! Because I really can't.

Every single day this week has been long and stressful. And yet, when 6pm rolls around, I can't even believe the day is over. I go home exhausted and I wake up equally so.

Great post so far, right?? I thought you'd think so.

Which is why I'm here right now. I have to take a break from work for a minute. When I got into work this morning, I threw everything off my desk and onto the floor. Well, maybe not 'threw'... I put it all on the floor. 'Threw' sounds much more dramatic and purposeful though.

It was liberating, to say the least. I dusted my desk, took all the toys I've collected and put them on my bookcase, and have started tackling piles of things one by o n e.

On the flip side, I am wearing a verrrry cute coat today. I haven't had a good fall/winter coat, well, ever. So I went to Marshall's and bought a super cute charcoal grey sporty coat and I am now wearing it. Granted, it's a little warm in the office to be wearing a coat, but I don't care!! It makes me feel a little bit better. ;)

Anyhow. I have to go back to work now.

Hope you all have a spectacular Friday. And an even better weekend. I will be going through clothes and things from my old apartment and CLEANING OUT! :)



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