Monday, November 8, 2010

Combining Days Again..

I obviously am a bad weekend blogger. In my defense though, I was gone all weekend.

I took off early Friday and the hubby and I took a road trip to New Braunfels to go spend the weekend with some dear friends of ours. They were SUPPOSED to be getting married this past weekend, but due to some medical complications with the bride's mom it has been delayed until next year. The good news is, her mom is A-OK now :) Thank GOD for that!

I am officially the worst car companion ever. I feel so bad for my sweet husband, who always drives the entire trip, because within 20 minutes of being in the car I am usually asleep... oops. I just can't help it! I could be wired and by the the 20 minute mark I am passed out. But I digress. On our way to New Braunfels we made a quick stop in Wimberely to pick up some wine at the winery we got engaged at. Wanna see a picture? I thought so.

Oh wait, that's Sean and I. My bad. How freaking cute are we though?! Ok onward with my story. Sean put the winery into his GPS and didn't factor in that he was taking the route driving through Austin at 5pm on a Friday. Biggest. Mistake. EVER. It took us ages to get through and by the time we were through Sean looked somewhat like this:

Yeah he doesn't deal well with traffic. But we made it in one piece. And the winery was just as beautiful as we remembered and the wine was just as delicious! And now we have six more bottles.

We made it to our friends house afterwards relatively quickly and then we packed up and went to Wurstfest which is one of my favorrrrrite things to do! Who doesn't love overpriced beer, delicious German food and festivities?! I SO miss living in the hill country.

Tosha, Dylan (cutest baby ever) and I spent the morning hiking while the boys golfed, lounged around and talked for hours (sometimes thats JUST what you need!) and then had dinner and played Cranium. Somehow the boys beat us. I think that was a major fluke.

Then we came home Sunday (prettiest day ever, made for a wonderful drive home... and yes, I slept through most of it) and then our good friend Matt came  over and we finally got to meet his (fantastic) girlfriend. She is so cool! And now here we are. On to day 16...

Day 16-Dream house

Oh... wait... that's our house... But really, I do love our house. But if I had to pick a dream house I have a few requirements... It must be a one story. It must have a front (and back) porch. It must have a lot of windows to let in the sunlight. I'd love for it to be on the water.  Let's see if I can find a good example...

Well, I can't right now. Bummer. But once I do, I will post a picture!

Day 17-Something you're looking forward to

I'm looking forward to seeing where life takes the hubby and I. I'm looking forward to having kids and being a mom. More immediately, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving (I love Thanksgiving!!)... I'm looking forward to fires and cuddling up with a mug of steaming hot cocoa and a good book. I'm looking forward to scarves and boots and coats. I'm looking forward to celebraing my first wedding anniversary with my husband... I could go on and on :)

Day 18-Something you regret

I honestly can't think of anything for this one. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and every move we make, be it a 'mistake' or not defines our lives. I think that ever experience we have helps to shape us into who we are, and really, I'm quite happy with who I am. I am married to the man of my dreams and I have a wonderful family and outstanding friends. *shrugs* So I'll pass on this one I suppose!

Too bad it's already Monday... Hopefully this week will pass by quickly!!




  1. Your too funny with your randomness, one more reason I love you!!

    I'm the worst car buddy also, I can't stay awake for the life of me, although I did stay awake on our road trip this weekend and Brian slept for once! He deserved it though :)

    So glad yall got to spend this special weekend with Dan and Tosha!

  2. Rache, you are the worst car buddy! remember all the trips from san marcos to houston and back...yep i drove the entire time and you slept. OH, what about that one time in hood flew up and hit the windshield sending my rearview mirror flying into the back glass of my truck and you waking up yelling? yeah, good times!