Thursday, March 31, 2011


For the past few months I've gotten progressively more involved blogging-wise. It's become more than just a way for me to vomit up my thoughts and feelings onto a public portal where anyone can read - I now religiously stalk follow quite a few fellow bloggers and have officially experienced what it is like to be surrounded and immersed in a community that has helped to truly push me in terms of physical fitness/running/endurance/health.

What started as a way for me to spy on my friends lives when I was too busy to really be involved has evolved into me checking up on people that I don't even know but feel like I am secretly best friends with. I have even gone so far as to expand my own personal goals based on accomplishments from people that I read (and some that I do know - I'm not a total creep, I promise).

WITH THAT BEING SAID: The ever-so-lovely Britt (who I actually do know, thankyouvermuch) (and who I secretly sometimes feel is one of my long lost BFF's <---- totally not creepy, Britt, I promise...) has awarded me with this lovely little badge:

(squealsss EEEEEEK!!) I never win anything, so I was beyond thrilled when I read her blog and subsequently her comment on my blog notifying me of my awesomeness. So THANK YOU BRITT! As much as I dabble in sarcasm, I truly am honored that she picked me for this!

She had these duties on her blog, so I'm transferring them to mine (totally unoriginal right here <----)

With the awards comes a couple of duties and I’m going to combine both awards into one:
  • You must mention the person that nominated you.
  • Give 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate another blogger for the award and notify them.
As I've already said, Britt is the one who nominated me and you need to go check out her blog rightthisinstantjustclickhername. She is a PHENOMENAL  inspiration and she's cute to boot as well! Here I'll show you (photo borrowed from her blog):

How cute is she??

And because I don't share nearly enough random facts about myself, here's 7 more!

1. I said this before when I first started this blog, but I'll say it again cause I can... Sean and I = AWESOME at washer's. Be prepared if we're on a team together, because we will dominate you. (Not evidenced in this photo, however that is completely beside the point, it's the only photo I found easily of us playing):

If you can't tell, this is when someone (namely, Jason or Nina) made a point that we were confident would not happen and by some stroke of fate did happen. I imagine we both are going "NOOOO" right now :) But we're awesome, don't let this deter you.

2. I am obsessed with shoe shopping. I love any kind - flats, heels, casual, dressy, you  name it, I love it!

3. I frequently buy way too much fruit at the grocery store and then end up eating it all day long to ensure that it won't go bad. YUM.

4. My best friend doubles as my life partner/partner in crime/husband. He's pretty darn cute, if you ask me, and I'll gladly tell you that we are absolute soul mates. As mushy-gushy as it is, marrying him was the best thing I've ever done. And I know that everyone thinks they have the greatest husband in the world, but mine is the best in the world for me and I truly believe that no one else would get him like I get him nor would he make anyone else as happy as he makes me and vice verse (just call me conceited)

5. I despise being locked up in an office all day. DESPISE IT. I love my coworkers and hate being confined to the indoors.

6. I love cleaning my house. Why? Cause it's mine. It stresses me out when Sean wants to help because I like things done a certain way and am slightly neurotic about things being where I want them.

7. My husband is AMAZING at wakeboarding. Which makes me terrified of it. Because he is super intimidating sometimes. However I can stand up on a wakeboard (briefly), I just can't do all the fancy-schmancy tricks that he can do (pshhh back flip? so amateur.)

As far as nominations go - you all need to run over and check out Heidi's blog, she was my best friend in high school and she just got married this past weekend!! Go show her some love, she's adorable!

Have a spectacular day! I have some exciting things coming up :)

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  1. Thanks so much for all the kind words about me and my blog :-)

    I totally get the long lost BFF thing we all only like, like, ALLLLL the same things!! except I've never played washers, and I like a clean house, but don't like cleaning. I glady let JJ handle the dishes and laundry!