Monday, March 21, 2011

Hum Ho

I am out of it today. Not really sure what that's all about.

Thursday hubs and I went and saw Zac Brown Band at the rodeo (they were awesome!) and had a really nutritious meal of pizza & beer for dinner. Nutritious, delicious - those can be interchangeable sometimes, right?

Hubs also showed up at my office with this:

Wine in a bag? Literally. He makes me laugh.

Friday was dumb at work. I couldn't seem to get my desk cleared off, evidenced here:

Friday evening was pretty uneventful. Sean and I did nothing. I fell asleep reading a book, woke up and moved to the couch with Sean and pretended to 'watch' the first Wall Street movie. By pretended to watch, I mean that I literally was asleep within 8 minutes of it playing (and yes, that is an exact number).

Saturday I woke up really early because Louie, my sweet, sweet Louie, would not leave me alone. He spent most of 5am-6am meowing in my face and head-butting me. He's such a good kitty.

And just because Louie can't be the only one with a picture... Here's Leo

And here they are:

At least they are cute, right?

After my bike ride I came home and cleaned and then did some yoga. Sean worked on a project he is currently extremely engrossed in, and I grocery shopped and did house-wifey things. This is a really boring post. We went to Trader's Village for a bit and then finally came home and I made honey-glazed pork, sauteed onions and kale, and long grain wild rice for dinner. If you were wondering if I am a magnificent wife, I am. Haha.

Then we re-watched Wall Street. It was while we were trying to figure out where to start the movie that I found out that I fell asleep 8 minutes in on Friday night.

I made it through most of the movie the second time around. And by most of the movie, I mean I was asleep an hour into it and woke up intermittently throughout the second half. Oh well, I know generally what happened.

Sunday was Warrior Dash (it shall get its own post later) and then we went to Candice and Mike's apartment so that we could all go to Jason Aldean. He was spectacular! We hung out with Candice and Mike for a bit after before we went home and Sean tried to entice me into watching Supercross by making us make bets on who would win. I was asleep within 20 minutes of that one, even with Sean picking my people for me and yelling about which one of us was winning. Sigh.

And now I'm here. :-/ Feeling a little off and out of sorts today, but I think I am just really tired. At least I only have a four day work-week this week, my mom and I are (finally) having a garage sale this weekend!


  1. Sounds like a good weekend; isn't being a housewife so fun!? I'm jealous of your 4 day work week! The sauteed onions and kale sounds really good. Do you just put them in a pan with oil and saute??

  2. I want a bike.. that is all