Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So about that run...

Well, I definitely pulled a hamstring after my magnicificent run on Sunday (figures). So I've been laying off running this week (especially cause I have a 5k this weekend, sigh). I did some YOGA (no reason for the all caps) on Monday morning and then yesterday I biked, did an ab circuit and then went to Pilates last night.

Since I have no good pool to go swim laps in right now it makes working out without running rather difficult. I did an arm circuit this morning and then was at a loss. So I busted out my jump rope. I got through 10 30 second intervals (yeah, sounds impressive right? it's only 5 minutes). I think I should jump rope more, it's NO JOKE.

Then I read an article about being the girl who can do pull-ups. So as soon as Sean hopped in the shower (yes, I wait for him to be gone to try pull-ups, it's embarassing to me that I can't do one) I hustled over to our pull-up bar and tried. I gave it my all. And? All I did was hang, hahaha. I can't for the life of me eek out a pull-up. YET. I've made it a new goal. I WILL be able to do a pull-up at some point :-/

In other news, because I have my nifty new phone, I do have a few pictures to share :)

What is this grossness deliciousness, you ask? Sweet potato mash AKA breakfast :) MMMM... It's a baked sweet potato all mashed up with fresh raspberries, chopped walnuts, a little bit of butter, some cinnamon, some vanilla, and some dried cranberries. DELISH.

And, as promised, wedding collage:

Thank you, Michaels, for putting that huge frame on clearance.

And, newly stained kitchen table (with the addition of my purse as the centerpiece... oops):

Teehee, see cute Leo back there also making an appearance?? He's a picture lover :)

Now, what to do with the chairs? Paint them a lovely bright color? Sean refuses to stain them Stain them? Thoughts?


  1. Sorry to hear you pulled your hamstring. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    I say you paint the chairs bright colors, it sounded like that's what you wanted to do and Sean wins since he doesn't want to stain them :-)

  2. Just catching up on stalking your life...
    I want to see a close up of how the wedding collage turned out, better yet.. I just need to see it in person :)