Sunday, March 27, 2011

no no no.

I'm chugging coffee like my life depended on it right now and I still don't really have the energy to post.

So I'll do some bullet points and come back later for a better post:

1. Got up at 4am on Friday so I could run like an idiot. Spent most of it terrified that one of the goblins that appears on Criminal Minds would capture me (it was a pretty speedy run, needless to say)

2. Convinced myself that I am AWESOME because I worked out. Promptly coffeed-up and drove over to my parents to have a garage sale

3. Mid-morning realized my legs felt like lead. DEFINITELY time to take some time off working out.

4. Grocery shopped after garage-selling. (<---dumb)

5. Drank pretty much an entire bottle of champagne coupled with orange juice. (By pretty much, I mean the whole thing) mmmm mimosas. They gave me the energy to clean my entire house Friday night (<---------------------EXTRADUMB) so Sean and I could have some friends over Saturday night.

6. Was terrified that due to the abovementioned over-mimosaing that I would sleep through my alarm, so instead I woke up at 2am and then again at 3:45am before finally just getting up, over-coffeeing again, and driving over to my parents house to round out garage sale (no work out Saturday, legs commence rejoicing)

7. Garage sale.

8. Crawfish boil with my family and Sean's parents. Glorious weather, fantastic company, and more crawfish then is reasonable (though yes, I ate it all, Crawfish season is my fave).

9. Ride to parents house on motorcycle with husband. Upon arrival, eye begins burning. Suddenly it is red, swollen shut, and tears are pouring out of one eye like I just had the biggest fight of my life. Oh, crap.

10. Reminisce about the last time this happened and I went to the hospital. Sigh. Parents are convinced I can't drive myself home (they're right) so they drive me and my truck and deposit me safely at my house.

11. Spend the rest of the night trying to manage. No people come over ('cept Jason and Nina who I hadn't seen in FOREVER and was a miserable hostess too cause of said eye... feel bad and need an immediate redo).

12. Hate Sean because he doesn't get it.

13. Cry like a baby because my eye sucks, making it swell even more, then sleep.

14. Wake up today, catch up on blogging world and facebook because I haven't seen either since Thursday.

15. Pretend looking like Quasimodo is normal and drink coffee like my life depended on it.

16. SIGH.

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  1. Aww, you poor thing! You need more mimosas... I love crawfish season too. So much fun.