Thursday, March 3, 2011

I totally tricked you.

I wasn't going to blog today - I really wasn't. Since I've come to the conclusion that I've developed a minor obsession with spewing off my thoughts to an online community that could not care less is thrilled to read about what's going on in my head, I decided I would take a break today.

Gotcha! Cause here I am, typing away. And sadly, as I sit here snickering to myself, I'm retaining a nice sense of relief from getting to pound out more meaningless sentences that you are all reading with unmatched anticipation.

You can thank my sneeze. Or lack thereof. Since 8am I have been waiting to sneeze. That awful, my nose is tickling and I have a horrible 'about to sneeze' look on my face, right up until the crucial moment when... it disappears. For 9 solid hours I have been waiting impatiently.

And to totally make this an anticlimactic post - I just sneezed.

On the flip: I need new running shoes. Because I'm so tech-savvy, I've already "tweeted" about this (and if you don't follow me on Twitter, you should, because I am full of witty, priceless tidbits that I share at random. Ok, maybe not, I'm actually quite boring and I never know what to "tweet" about, but it's fun to be a follower anyway, right?? You can find me at RCherry22. And try not to hate on how original that username is, please).

Since I have decided that I'm going to magically morph into a long distance runner, I need suggestions on what shoes you prefer to wear while running long distances. And I preferrably need them in greys and blues because on a recent inventory of my shoes I came to the realization that all of mine are variations of pinks, blacks, whites, and greys. When I became so unoriginal is unknown to me, but I am trying to remedy it.

And just so you know, this blog post has NOTHING to do with me procrastinating at work. Not one bit. Well, maybe a little. Somewhere in there I thought that I could take the last 40 minutes of work up by blogging (and since I mentioned work, that makes it completely work-related) however it only took me five short minutes to pound this out. :-/

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  1. These are my new running shoes. I love them! They feel really natural on my feet. Like they are just an extension of my feet rather than a shoe...if that makes any sense. :)