Friday, April 1, 2011

Exciting Things!

Because it's Friday I'm going to share some exciting things goin' on 'round here...

1. In 17 days I will celebrate my 1 year anniversary of being married to my bestest friend ever.

This picture is circa 2005. We haven't changed much since then (true story: he still has that sweater and still wears it, holes and all). The only real thing that's changed is that I've learned to open my eyes more in pictures.

2. April 9th (aka next Saturday) I'll run the Blue Bell Fun Run in Brenham, TX (um, hello, it's at Blue Bell. duh.) and then we will drive onward to Wimberely so that we can celebrate our anniversary *a week early* by drinking wine at the winery we got engaged at and spending the night in a quaint little B&B.

3. April 15th (2 days before our actual anniversary) I will get lasik! And force Sean to hang out with me all day! Bye bye glasses, contacts and eye infections. It's been real, but you won't be missed.

4. April 17: 1 year anniversary!

5. Good Friday - Easter Sunday my mom and I will be flying out to El Paso for a "girls weekend" with my grandma. I can't wait to spend time with two of my favorite women!

6. April 28th - Astros game. Enough said, I love baseball.

Sean has to work the weekend of our actual anniversary which is why we're celebrating a week early. And we plan on having a long 'anniversary' vacation around my birthday where we will go exploring in Yellowstone National Park for a week jussssssst the two of us. I adore him, have I mentioned that?

In other news... I have been a vegetable cooking machine lately.

I made herbed zucchini soup:

which I've been eating for lunch all week. It's pretty good stuff! Should anyone want the recipe, just holla holla and I'll send it on over.

I also made "skinny stuffed artichokes":

They are SOOO good. We had them last night for dinner.

And tonight? Tonight we are going for crawfish with this lovely couple:

I can't wait to sit on a patio, soak up some sun, eat some crawfish, and spend time with those two and the hubs. Perfect.


  1. Would you please send me the soup recipe?

  2. Your busy month sounds like my busy month! :) How exciting for your 1 yr anniversary to come up. I think its the "Paper" anniversary. I asked for cash. haha! KIDDING!!

    I hope ya'll have a fantastic anniversary! (soon)