Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's a new year and a new you, er, ME.

It's that time again! And while everyone seems to dread it, I am OK with New Year's "Resolutions", "Goals", etc. Whatever you want to call it.

I mentioned previously some goals that I already have in the works. Or I guess, goals that I already have planned out.  But here is my full list:

1. Spend more time with God. This is so important to me. I know so many people that are involved, and I want to be more involved with Him as well. I asked for (and received) a new Bible for Christmas, so what I'd like to do is start doing daily devotionals. If anyone knows of any good daily devotional books for the newly married woman, well, I'd love to get my hands on it!

2. Stop drinking sodas. I rarely do as it is, but I'm curious more than anything to see if I can completely cut them out. I want to challenge myself to see how long I can go without having any. Because let's face it, some days a soda just sounds good. But I am going to attempt to cut them out.

3. Start running at least one 5k a month. My ultimate goal is to move on to 10k's and eventually half marathons. I've never really been interested in running a full marathon, but hey, you never know.

4. Have at least one girl's night a month. I love my husband dearly, but girl time is necessary. And I am terrible at having consistent girl's nights. It would be wonderful to get my girlfriends together semi-sort of regularly to catch up.

5. Get out of debt. Sean and I are very fortunate to not have a lot of debt, but we do have some. And I would like to have none. As for me personally, I usually have a running balance of about $600 between my Visa, Kohls, and Macy's cards. Then we have the motorcycle payment (eek!) and a few other random-y things here and there that I'd love to eliminate.

6. Stress LESS. I have a tendency to get consumed with people's emotions around me and let them negatively impact my own mood. I also have a tendency to worry about the small things, which I know isn't good but I have a nasty habit of it anyway... So I am really going to try to put my best foot forward and not stress out as much.

7. Take PICTURES. I love taking and having pictures, but I've gotten out of the habit of regularly taking pictures and I want to document more of Sean and I's marriage. We have so much fun and I'd like that to reflect in the pictures that we have.

8. Finish painting our house. When Sean and I first bought our house we thought it was perfect. Then, reality set it and we realized that we hated all of the colors in the house, so we have been slowly repainting the entire house, room by room. I would love if at this time next year, I could tell you that our house was done being painted! I'm not expecting it to be completely together, but I would like for it to be completely painted!

I think that about sums it up.

I hope everyone finishes this year with gusto and begins 2011 with lots of positive thoughts and actions!



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  1. I love #1 and would love to do that with you and I can help you with that last statement, just have to see you soon ;)

    I DEF want to try #2, this has always been a weakness of mine (as I have one sitting on my desk right now at 8:30am, but to make myself feel better, I already worked out this morning and just had to stop to get one on the way home)

    # 6, story of my life..

    and # 7 me me me! I can help with this, I don't mind taking pics of y'all and being in pics and taking pics and sharing them on facebook for you to see and save!!