Monday, December 20, 2010

Friday, where are you!?

I am literally going crazy waiting for Friday to get here. I cannot wait to have another three day weekend, followed by another three day weekend for new years!!

This is hubs and I's first Christmas as a married couple! I can't wait. I went a lot little overboard... We set a limit as to how much we could spend on each other, but I kept finding things I wanted to give him... So now, the cats are giving Sean a gift, and Santa is making a debut with MONSTER JAM TICKETS! I can't wait! So maybe that's more of my gift to the both of us :)

I'm also craving some shopping, which is ridiculous considering how packed it is out there. But there is a blazer at Kohls that I am pining after...

So maybe I deserve a Christmas present to myself, riiiiight?? I thought so too.

I am trying to convince Sean that we need a fancy date night, because I bought a dress from Macy's that I will never be able to where unless we have one. But it was on sale from $150 to $17! Who could say no to that?? (exactly. that's what I'm sayin').

This weekend was OK. Actually, I'm just irritated with small parts of it. Nina (Sean's best friends' fiance) and I went out on Friday night to a local bar by her house while the boys played poker and had a great time! Then Saturday I went and had lunch with a few coworkers, and wasn't really feeling too hot so Sean and I stayed in. <3 He is the best. We watched Inception and State of Play - both of which were pretty good, though I'm going to have to watch Inception again.

Sunday was kind of bleh, except for meeting up for some deeeelicious mexican food with my parents and Sean's parents... I am SO grateful that everyone gets along, we had a great time! (and always do!!)

Traditionally Christmas Eve is a big deal in my house and Christmas Day is a big deal in Sean's house - so Christmas really times out perfectly. And this year, for Christmas Day Night (does that make sense??) both our parents are coming to our house! I am very excited about this!

Anyhow, since it's MNF and I don't really care about the teams playing, I may sneak out and do a little shopping ;) I think I need some presents for myself...

I also need some prayers. Since I'm not sure who all reads my blog, just please keep me in your prayers. If you want to know why, I will tell you outside the online world :)




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  1. Monster Jam? Can we still get tickets?!?!

    That's so wonderful that the days work out with y'alls families so perfectly!

    Merry 1st Christmas to you and Sean!!