Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fresh faced and ready to face the day...

Good morning!

Some mornings I write out vindictive little posts, full of hate and scorn for whatever is ailing me at that moment. Yesterday was one such day. I bitterly typed out word after word because yesterday was not a pretty day. It was gloomy and angry and maybe a little bit of sorrowful as well. I was wanting and grasping for something that was not there. But I clicked that magical little 'x' in the upper right hand corner of my browser after typing it out and *poof*, just like that, it was gone.

It's a good thing. Because today I woke up clogged with sleep and more than a little hesitant to tiptoe out of bed, but with a smile on my face. My sweet husband greeted me with a kiss as we were both out the door - I to face day two of workouts for the "new year", he to face day one of "back to work" after two solid weeks off (and let me tell you, after two weeks of seeing him unshaven and in shorts and t-shirts, he was looking mighty handsome as he walked out fresh-faced and in pressed slacks and a long-sleeve button down shirt, smelling of freshly showered wonderfulness... be still my beating heart, as he can still take my breath away when he catches my eye in just the right way).

Two weeks off is a long time. For both of us. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't filled with more than a little frustration the past two weeks as I scurried out of bed and he snoozed on undisturbed. I'd be lying if I said that we weren't both a little testy towards the end of his two weeks off of work. And I would definitely be lying if I said that I greeted him with a smile after arguing with him about him coming to help me out with my flat tire on my way to work yesterday, as I sat on the side of 290 filled with tears of frustration. But the absolutely beautiful thing about marriage is that you get over it. There is no "I'm breaking up with you" or in our case "I'm divorcing you" because we're too petty to work things out (and before I start a controversy. I understand that some people do in fact need a divorce because, for whatever reason, they married the wrong person. But my husband and I took our vows to the grave, and we are there through thick and thin, and through that bliss that occurs in between thick and thin).

So now that the sun has risen a new, albeit cloudy, day has begun, let me celebrate all of the defining things that have happened in the past few days.

On Thursday we left work at about 2:30 and I drove straight to the wonder that is Macy's in search of a new bedspread for one of our guest bedrooms. You see, Macy's stole my heart the day they sent me an American Express that I have shamelessly used to purchase items that I "need" on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, they didn't carry the bedspread I was looking for, so - after a quick stop into Kohl's - I headed home. Sean and I then went to RA sushi for some happy hour sushi and then onto a different Macy's ('cause he's so awesome!) to  buy the bedspread that I was in love with (and he hated). We then went on to Little Woodrow's to see our dear friends Daniel, Tosha, Andrew and Lindsay (and a few others) to celebrate Daniel's birthday. (Happy Birthday, friend, we love you!). We were home relatively early and suffered through one of those tests of strength that marriage sometimes takes you to, but Friday dawned and we are still one entity, though very obviously two very different people ;).

Which brings me to Friday, on New Year's. Sean and I ran around all day, running errands, cleaning, getting finger foods ready, etc. The normal hustle and bustle of having people over, except this time it's New Year's. I was blessed to spend New Year's with some very close friends of mine, though in an effort to make good on one of my New Year's resolutions, I grabbed my camera a little too quickly and it landed with a crunch on the floor. Goodbye, camera screen, you sure were good to me when I used you.

Saturday was a lazy day for Sean and I, though my coworker/one of my best friends and her fiance did come by for a short round of champagne and leftover beer, before Sean and I retired to the couch and football.

Sunday I headed to Lupe Tortilla for lunch with one of my very closest friends Alisa, whom I hadn't seen in TOO long, and we enjoyed some gossip, margaritas, and good Mexican food. (Alisa, if you read this, I love you so much!). Then it was off for a hectic trip to HEB and back home to grill burgers with two of my favorite engaged couples - Jenn and Brian and Mark and Kristen. These people never cease to light up my soul, as every time we get together it's filled with endless laughter and good times. My dear, dear friend Jenn surprised me with lots of goodies (and Jenn, I realized I never gave you your gifts!! They are sitting in my backseat, waiting for you!).

And while I don't even want to delve into Monday and all of it's unfortunate adventures, I will say that I came home to a new set of tires, a full tank of gas, a very sweet husband, and a new new-to-us favorite movie of mine (Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang) for a much-needed movie night. (Thank you, honey, you are my soul mate!).

And maybe sometimes we need some storms in our lives to look back the next day and truly appreciate every day that isn't filled with thunder and lightning.

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  1. Love your positiveness!!! Way to turn a bad day into a great day the next day! Your always optimistic my dear friend :)
    Sounds like a fab weekend!! And I don't want any gifts, so please take them back, k thanks! :)