Friday, December 10, 2010

iiiiiit's FRIDAY!

It's finally here! My favorite 'week'day!

And today is going to be a good one. I have a super cute new scarf, courtesy of my BFF Jen, that I am IN LOVE with and it's girl's night! WOOHOO!

A couple of us are getting together at our friend Amy's house for some dinner + wine, a little gossip, and a lot of fun - what could be better than that? Then tomorrow, Sean and I are putting up OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE EVER! I'm slightly excited ;) I am also going to try my hand at homemade guacamole tomorrow, let's all say a little prayer that it turns out well... my little brother makes some pretty darn good guac, so hopefully it's in the genes and I make it as well as he does (I'll settle for not as well, but still good too).

I finally finished off Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch today. I realize that I probably should have thrown the food out (it didn't taste bad at all though!) but the thought of tossing such delicious food literally made my heart hurt, so I ate it instead. Sean and I vastly differ on if food is still 'good' or not. He'll toss it after a day. I will still eat it a couple weeks later if it still smells fine and looks good... I haven't gotten sick yet, so I must be on to something. I think he is just wasteful! (haha, kidding hon...)

I am really pumped about tomorrow for no especially good reason. I have nothing terribly exciting on the agenda (OTHER THAN THE TREE!!!!!)... My day is pretty much looking like: run, grocery shopping, house cleaning, Target (<3), finish Christmas shopping, TREE, dinner with parents... Then Sunday, oh Sunday, I am going to be a Christmas wrapping fool. Let's pray I get it all out of the way, because the backseat of my truck can't handle me tossing anymore bags into it... I may have gone a bit overboard this year... :-/ Oops? I'm just full of good cheer this year, and I can actually afford to but my family lots of gifts... so I did... (my mom specifically told me not to do this, but I didn't follow instructions very well :-/...)

I hope you all have a spectacular Friday and weekend!



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  1. Sometimes it's no fun to follow others instructions ;)