Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I'm sure it's been evident (as you can tell here, here, and here) that I have been struggling for the past week. And even as 5:50 rolled around yesterday evening and I grabbed my gear to go change so I could scoot out the door at 6 to go run, I was seriously debating.

The one thing I had going for me was that I called Garmin support and they walked me through trouble-shooting the stupid thing. "Um, I tried that already, thanks, I read the website and followed the instructions you are giving me right... Oh, never mind it's working now, thanks, kbye."

Well, that's that. It started working like a charm again. Technology.


Anyway, I did get changed into my beloved tempo shorts and out the door and in an effort to bring some spark into my runs again, hit up Memorial Park (which is 0.5 seconds from my work) instead of my usual Monday routine of sitting in traffic, getting insanely annoyed, getting home 45 minutes later even though I only live 15 minutes away and then jumping into a long run so I'm not really home until 8:30.

What a breath of fresh air. For one, being around tons of other runners (except you people that walk slowly four deep on the trail... please move for those of us running!) was so motivating. I ran 7+ miles like a champ. I pushed speed (which never happens in long runs), sped up towards the end (that also never happens in long runs), and finished feeling like a million bucks. I'd have kept going but I was fairly positive that the hubs may have a panic attack if I didn't show up at home before it got dark.

All that leads me to say, I'm BACK. I feel 110% better now.

Now if I could just get back here...


  1. Ok, I just posted a whole comment and it got deleted. Maybe it's me, lol!

    So glad to hear you had a great run :) Beats sitting in traffic anyday!! Move over walkers, common courtesy to share the trails!

  2. Congrats on the awesome run! That is a great idea to run before you go home & avoid the traffic. Nice work!

    To answer your question on my post, Dr Kracker is an organic flatbread (kind of like a giant cracker, but a little healthier). They are kind of expensive, but mine came in a gift basket from Harry & David & now I'm obsessed.

    I don't know if I can post a link in your comments, but there's more info here:

  3. where do you live in Houston (like what area...not address that would be creepy haha)? I lived there 7 years and I used to run in memorial all the time (lived in the heights!)

    Yay houston! I miss the restaurants there so much :)