Friday, April 29, 2011

You guys are awesome.

Seriously. AWESOME. I love yall.

The Astros were terrible last night, but we had fantastic seats and good company and a really drunk and obnoxious girl in front of us so it was ok. I only took one picture because I was too busy gossiping with Sean.

Then we came home and watched You Tube videos because we are 12 years old. There is nothing better than Kitten Mittens. I laugh my head off every.single.time.

I woke up super early this morning (before my alarm went off) and was wide awake. I debated trying to go back to sleep (by debated I mean I laid in bed with my eyes closed praying for sleep to come back to me) but my alarm went off and I yelled at myself and got out of bed.

Can someone explain to me why it's 58 degrees outside? Not that I'm complaining (I kind of am), but I live in Houston for a very good reason. And it's not the cool weather.

Since I've been so crappy all week I decided I'd do a punishment run this morning. My punishment runs always vary with what the 'punishment' portion of it is - sometimes its hills, sometimes its sprints, today it was no music.

Best.decision.ever. I had a good run. Not the best, but definitely the best this week. I cleared my head. I thought a lot. I made to-do lists. I prayed. I giggled to myself. I scolded myself. And I just ran. And I remembered why sometimes, I like the absolute quiet of 5am runs with no music.

Because I am awesome I then came home and did the weights that I didn't do yesterday. Back on track, baby.

Unfortunately, it's now 9:40am and I'm EXHAUSTED. Happy Friday! I have a MUCH needed girls night tonight and I can't wait.


  1. Our seats are in the same place tonight! Glad you had fun!

  2. Can't wait to see you tonight!