Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you there weekend? It's me... Rachael...

Bloggers: I need some encouragement right now! I have (no lie) BINGED for the last 3 days (I don't even want to get into how much sweet stuff I've eaten today in addition to the two days outlined below). Clearly, I'm stressed. So please please please send a little prayer my way that I GET MY HEAD ON STRAIGHT and get up and start nice and fresh tomorrow. :) kthx.

This week has been one for the books. Seriously. I can't remember the last time I was so unbelievably exhausted.

I also can't remember the last time I spent two days binging on junk food without a care in the world (until late last night that is... And don't think that made me get up this morning and work out.)

Work has been... stressful and tiring. And that's all I'll say about that. No one likes to hear complaining.

And workouts have been... I don't know. I think they've been a little off because of work. Stress has a way of making its rounds into every aspect of life.

Tuesday the hubs was sick (poor thing) so I skipped Pilates and came straight home after going to Target to buy a thermometer, orange juice, sprite, and chicken noodle soup for him. After realizing he was running a fever I went to CVS and bought him medicine and bought myself a pint of ice cream. I ate the entire thing.

Dinner looks like this when you know it's going to be followed by a pint of vanilla/chocolate ice cream:

Yes, I roasted two entire heads of broccoli and ate that for dinner. Followed by:

Don't discount that I ate a bag of Nutter Butter bites after lunch Tuesday. I rationalized that it was OK because the bag says "Made with real peanut butter!" Oh well in that case, don't mind if I do...

Yesterday started out OK enough. I suffered through an excruciating run that should have been easy, but was not. At 2pm my BFF/coworker and I went and had Mexican food. Sigh. I ate it all except the rice. I left in a food coma. And followed it up with another bag of Nutter Butter bites (REAL PEANUT BUTTER!).

By the time I got home I thought I was going to fall over from exhaustion, so I did the next best thing and Sean and I went to Willie's Ice House. IN MY DEFENSE I got a salad. There's no pictures because I pretty much inhaled the whole thing, but it was field greens, dried cranberries, pears, artichoke hearts, Gorgonzola cheese and some delicious vinaigrette on the side. It also came with candied walnuts, but for the sake of calories (what a laugh) I skipped those.

Then I forced Sean to take me to YOGURT CUP! AKA Heaven.

That's red velvet and vanilla ice cream with kiwi, strawberries and dark chocolate chips if you're wondering. And I came dangerously close to using my fingers to scrape the bowl entirely clean.


Please ignore my cheezy smile and the fact that I look like I was run over by a car before entering. Stress I tell you.

I also proceeded to sleep in this morning, pop in a weights DVD when I finally pulled myself out of bed, and then turn it off 15 seconds into the warm up and drink coffee.

There's not even a shot of a workout today because I'm going to the Astros game tonight. Oh well, at least Yogurt Cup is still fresh in my mind (and heart). Now that I know just how close it is to us, I will be frequenting it A LOT more. I've even considered running there so that I can indulge guilt free.

:-/ Being a girl blows sometimes.


  1. Running there sounds like the perfect plan to me!! Your week sounds a whole lot like mine: stressful work, crappy workouts. What a pain! Why can't we just run for a living?! lol.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Um, if it's made with REAL peanut butter then it's a health food. Right?
    I'd love to do the different eating plans with someone...I'll let you know when I decide on my next experiment!

  3. Have fun at the Astros game! I'll be there tomorrow!

  4. Been there. I managed to nip it in the bud yesterday, but I tend to either do very well with my eating, or all out off track. The best advice I have is start fresh with a plan for tomorrow. I would not normally recommend being this anal, but is it possible to plan your meal & maybe even write down ahead of time what you're thinking of eating? Having a rough plan helps me tremendously.

    Have fun at the game!

  5. Everyone's been there - all it takes is a day to turn it around! Maybe the great weather this weekend will help your funk!

  6. I'm really sorry you feel so ick -- that's exactly how I felt on Easter. But if it makes you feel any better, about 40% of my diet DAILY is sweets, and I've come to terms with it. Dinner is always 50% semi-decent food, 50% frozen yogurt/ice cream and almond butter. We're athletes!! If my body's going to constantly crave sugar, so be it...

    anyway, hope the stress that is driving your bad days ends asap.