Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biggest Loser Finale

Even though I LOVED Olivia:

I REALLY wanted Hannah to win:

Both images via Google Images.

And did anyone else notice how awkward Jillian looked standing in heels and a dress? Sean and I couldn't stop gawking.

Do you watch Biggest Loser?
I didn't until this season when Sean randomly had it on one night. Been hooked since then and definitely cried every episode at some point.

Who did you want to win??
I LOVELOVELOVE Hannah, I thought she was hilarious! I really wanted her to win, but I'm also really glad that her and her sister were the top two, I loved them both.


  1. WOW - they look incredible! I gave up watching this season because I was so irritated by all of the intential gaining.

    Seriously, those ladies look awesome.

  2. I watched the very end of the finale last night. So exciting! I was rooting for either of the sisters to win.

  3. Yes, I love this show and I was so so so so happy for Hannah!!!!!! It's going to be weird next season with no Jillian. Totally agree she looked uncomfortable in the dress and heals. At least it was a cute outfit, lol!

  4. My parents are NOT TV watchers, except at night when they are relaxing so they aren't 'hooked' on any shows... They have made it a point to watch Biggest Loser since day 1 and look forward to Tuesday nights ( I think Tuesdays, haha) That is what inspired my dad to loose weight, he's lost over a 100 pounds now!