Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday, you are way better than Monday

I bet you were wondering if I was ever going to post again. I was too.

Friday I switched things up a bit. But you probably read about that here. This whole running after work thing is becoming a big problem. Not because I hate it, but because I love it. The problem factors in when I don't get home until 8pm. I had one of the most stressful nights of my life on Friday night because of this:


I've never been so stressed watching a movie ever. Usually when we watch movies I gradually shift over until I'm laying down and then before you know it I'm asleep. I sat straight up throughout this entire movie. Tense. It was good, though, I mean, I'd recommend it, if you don't mind being stressed out.

Me and Jillian had an early morning date on Saturday, and after a 20 minute sweat session I did all the really, super fun things that you (ok maybe just me) do on Saturdays, like clean up and grocery shop.

In an attempt to make our front patio more inviting and spend more money (because we are so rich), Sean and I went out on a quest to find a bistro table and chair set. We finally decided on one at Garden Ridge, and then I played the role of super wife and kept Sean company while he sweated it out in 90+ degree Houston heat putting the furniture together. I drank mimosas and went inside any time I started to glisten. Yes, glisten. Not sweat.

Please ignore my frightening facial expression. Sometimes I get a little overly excited. Also, please ignore that I am wearing the same shirt I was wearing Wednesday. I promise I only wore it for a couple hours on Wednesday night.

We met my family for some pretty outstanding sushi on Saturday night to celebrate Mother's Day and then Sean and I drove over to a little hole in the wall bar for a few drinks with my coworker and her fiance. Apparently it was karaoke night. I will never do karaoke.

I took some pictures at the bar of the folks brave enough to get up there and wail their little hearts out, but they all turned out so dark that they aren't worth posting. We spent Sunday with Sean's family celebrating Mother's Day and then we came home and I proceeded to lay on the couch and put off vacuuming and mopping until the evening.

Apparently Sean didn't know just how much I love Yogurt Cup, because he was silly enough to ask me Sunday night if I wanted to go. He can attest to the fact that within 3 seconds of him asking I had my shoes on, changed my shirt, grabbed my purse and was ready to go. Silly, silly.


  1. I had froyo for dinner Saturday night and thought of you!!

  2. furniture is my favorite thing to shop for...so jealous that you have a new patio set!


  3. Wish we had a good local froyo shop. I get jealous reading all of the blogs about frozen yogurt - yum!

    I am just catching up on my blog reading, and let's just say that I would have 100% skipped my run if a man hunt was going on in my neighborhood!

  4. thank you for the honest assessment, I now know I shall never watch The Hurt Locker.

    Dates with Jillian yall! me too! I wish my weekend involved fro-yo and sushi. Then we'd be weekend twins.

  5. (I can't stand stressful movies)