Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Getaway - Destination: Galveston

Every year Sean's company hosts a golf tournament in Galveston and Sean's branch of the company cooks for all of the golfers. This means that Sean gets a free hotel room and we get to hang out in Galveston for the weekend. It's a win-win, because this means that not only do we get a free hotel room, but I get to take the weekend off from all my normal grown-up responsibilities like grocery shopping and house cleaning (and I avidly ignore that it means that these things will now have to happen after work and such).

I got down there about 5:30 Friday afternoon and Sean and I hung out, went by the silent auction, and schmoozed with coworkers/clients like you're supposed to during these things. We went to Landry's with his coworker and his wife and - in the spirit of being healthy - had a chopped salad with blackened shrimp... it was SO good. I don't eat at Landry's very often, so I never really know what to order. This definitely hit the spot though!

Saturday morning I woke up and debated for a LONG time what to run - treadmill intervals or a tempo run on the Seawall.

The tempo run won, which was a COLOSSAL mistake. Seriously. The only good thing that came out of that run was this:

And this:

I set out to do a 4 mile tempo run with an easy warm up and cool down and harder in between miles (around a 7:30 pace). The first mile was a breeze and I cruised along at about an 8:38 pace. The second mile I was flying down the Seawall, maintaining about a 7:15 pace. This is where I realized I made a GINORMOUS mistake. See, I had to do an out and back 4 miles so that I could get back to the hotel (I suppose Sean could've picked me up, but hindsight is 20-20, right?). I couldn't understand why I was cruising so easily at 7:15 until I turned around. And then it hit me like a brick, literally. Dang that wind was hard. I struggled to maintain an 8:45 pace that 3rd mile, the wind was blowing so ridiculously hard into me. I even had to stop to walk at one point and frequently was taking a step back before pushing forward. By the time I hit mile 3.1 I started walking/sprinting in 1/10th mile intervals.

I think it's the tiredest (is that a word??) I've ever been from 4 miles.

Sean had to leave earlier than expected to go out to the tournament that day, so after he left I did this:

Dedication at it's finest? No, that's more like knowing how many extra calories you'll be consuming and trying to prevent it.

Later on I met Sean and his coworkers out at the golf course and hung around chatting with the boys/their wives until the end of it. Afterwards we went to the company crawfish boil and then to the hotel bar to have drinks with the coworkers/clients/wives/etc.

Sean and I giggled our way through YouTube videos after everyone left the bar (sometimes, we are 5, don't judge).

We went to the cutest place for breakfast - The Mosquito Cafe:


I got the vegetable omelet, which came with a side of honey-wheat toast and an apple salad that had sliced apples, pecans, celery and some sort of sauce. Apple salad = win. Vegetable omelet = pretty good. The vegetables were cooked in butter, which was a huge disappointment for me. I don't use butter ever (unless I'm baking) so I was bummed when I tasted it through all the other flavors. Next time we go, I am definitely branching out of my norm of veggie omelette's and trying something else - they had a fab selection of unique breakfasts and I am just hugely boring and hate to break out of my norm.

In other news, Sean and I are FINALLY renovating our guest bathroom. The bathroom makes me sick every time I walk into it. It's puke green and boring and has all sorts of issues with it. But that is a post for tomorrow :)


  1. Yea! I love short, quick, free getaways. It's been so crazy windy lately- I guess I'll take it over the heat and humidity.

  2. Hey I am your a new follower.

    Running against the wind is good for you!! lol

  3. What a great getaway! Sorry about the wind--but good job for running in it anyway!

  4. hmm, maybe the Boston officials were right in deciding that the wind was too big of a factor to make that record breaking win count. wind can really help or hurt you!

    why ya gotta hate on butter? I think eggs taste great with a little added. Im gonna go make me a veggie omelet, I haven't had one in a while

  5. Your dedication amazes me, well not amazes me for you but I guess better said makes me envious...

    Glad you enjoyed your get away!! Can't wait to hear more about it tomorrow!!!!!!!