Friday, May 6, 2011

Well, I tried...

  1. The Good: I got to have lunch with my husband yesterday. That NEVER happens and it was glorious.
    The Bad: It made my day feel like Friday, which was so depressing afterwards.
  2. The Good: Cinco de May gives me a "reason" to have a margarita
    The Bad: When you stop by Spec's and they have a "low-cal" margarita and you are suddenly sucked in by marketing, you should know that making your own "low-cal" margarita is a MUCH better choice. I made the decision to buy pre-made. Bad decision. It wasn't so great.
  3. The Good: I'm going to Memorial to run after work again!
    The Bad: The reason I'm going is that I skipped my run this morning. Wanna know why? I figured. Sit down, kids.
As Sean and I were coming back from our Mexican fiesta (ok, ok we just went and ate sub-par Mexican food. I consumed those calories for nothing, because it wasn't that great) EVERYONE was out in our neighborhood. This conversation ensued:

Me: Why is everyone outside?
Sean: I don't know...
Me: Do our neighbors hang out outside at night and we had no idea because we never leave the house once I get home??
Sean: I don't know...
Me: WHY WEREN'T WE INVITED?!? We need to make friends with our neighbors!!!

Go into house, start tidying up a bit. Sean goes outside to put out the sprinklers.

Sean re-enters house.

Sean: Rache, apparently everyone was outside because there was a man-hunt going on. The police in the helicopter came and everything.

Well, crap.

5AM alarm goes off. I get out of bed, get dressed to go run. Stand and stare at Sean sleeping. Think really hard about the man-hunt. Wake Sean up and ask him if he cares if I run tonight. Peel off running clothes and get back into bed.

Yeah-freaking-right. Like I'm going out there in the pitch black after a freaking man-hunt was taking place.

You know what's good fuel for long runs?

Yeah, duh. Cinnamon cupcakes from Crave. I love you just as much as froyo!


  1. I definitely would NOT have run if there was a man-hunt in my neighborhood. Good call!

  2. I've never had a Crave cupcake. I'm dying to try one.

  3. hey! sorry it took me so long to reply! I was in seattle, and as you know, they don't have internet up there.
    That's cool - I used to work at beltway 8 and 290 so I def know the area. You should go eat at 529 BBQ sometime...that was good stuff!
    Anyways, I went to grad school out here in CA so I just stayed (my brother and his wife live here too).
    And yes, we coulda been running buds who ran in memorial! Sigh :).

  4. First things first... You cheated on my with crave??? Your buying my cupcake tomorrow night!! ha jkjk!!!

    OMG I love the way you laid the story out!!!!!! I can't believe you even THOUGHT about much less got dressed to run after that... Be safe BFF!!