Friday, February 11, 2011

yoga = good for the body and the soul

OK I did it! Sometimes I can be a big wuss when it comes to branching out in group classes. But I did it! I went to yoga last night!

When I got off work I drove straight to the gym and ran a mile before yoga class. It hurt. I mentioned being really sore and I am. But I made it through it and then walked into yoga.


My muscles have been thanking me ever since. It was exactly what I needed. An hour of stretching out all of my muscles was just what my body ordered. Even though I felt a little like jelly after :)

And mentally? Whew, did I need that! We took a vote before class and did the class in the dark, which was AWESOME. I left feeling so relaxed it was unbelievable.

:) I'll stop going on and on about how wonderful it was now, but just know, you should do it.

This morning I ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill. I hate running distances on the treadmill, usually I do intervals or just skip it all together and do the bike or stair stepper. But with all this freakishly cold weather I haven't really ran in about a week so I decided to tough it out and go for it.

It was rough. It wasn't pretty at all. But I did it. When I got to 2.5 miles I was pretty sure I was going to quit. In fact, mentally, I told myself I could stop at 2.5. When I reached 2.5 I told myself I could quit at 3, it was only 5 more minutes. And (I'm sure you get the picture) when I got to 3 I forced myself to do "5 more minutes". Ultimately, I'm glad I did because I ran the 3.5 miles that I wanted. But really, I miss running distances farther than 2 miles outside. I'm ready for the warm weather and the relaxing, sunny runs. I'm ready to push myself through trails and neighborhoods. But I'm not ready to do that in 25 degree weather. SO COME ON SPRING! Some of us have to start 10k training and we can't do that on a treadmill or in sub-freezing temperatures!

I haven't forgotten that I was going to share the casserole, but my fingers are frozen so I have to take a break for now.

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