Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sprinkles of this and that

I've been feeling all sorts of random lately.

I 100% blame the weather. For those of you that don't know, I 100% despise cold weather. I don't care that Houston is swelteringly hot most of the time, I like it that way. That's why I live here. So when it's in the 70's and sunny outside, I die a little bit being stuck inside an office for 8-9 hours a day. Seriously depressing. I actually look forward to when my coworkers take 'smoke breaks' because I'll slip outside with them occasionally so that I can bask in the sunlight and warm weather. (C'mon Vitamin D! And no, I absolutely do not smoke).

So to keep with any randomness I may be feeling right now (and continue procrastinating my work life), I'll share a few more tidbits with you:

1. I'm obsessed with blogging. And by blogging, I mean blog stalking. If I'm interested in what you have to say, I will religiously read your blog. So keep on posting!

2. My engagement/wedding bands are my most prized possessions. For those of you engaged/married couples out there - you know how when you first get engaged you can't stop staring at your hand and the diamond now sitting your left hand ring finger? Well I still do that. A lot. And no, I don't have a ridiculously huge diamond, I just really like my ring.

3. I eat an apple a day, and what do you know - I never have to go to the doctor.

4. I LOVE not having kids right now (and this is no knock to those of you that do, I ADORE reading about your kiddos and looking at their precious pictures, I fantasize about when we do have kids, and all yalls cute blogs about your kids are the source of any baby twinges I may have... but it is always fleeting for me because I just love that I get to keep my husband all to my selfish little self right now)

5. I'm (whoa, I was about to say 'obsessed' but that leads people to believe you have a problem, and I don't) a workout-lover. And no, I don't have insane weight ideals, nor do I crash diet, go on crazy workout binges, or anything of the sort. I just really enjoy being healthy and feeling good in my own body.

6. I used to hate running. Now, I love it!

7. Cooking is one of my favorite past times. I seriously love food. You can check out Britt's post about being a foodie and just scratch out her name and put mine in. I think about food 99% of the time. It really throws my coworkers for a loop. I eat but its mainly fruits and vegetables. Which brings me to...

8. I lovelovelove fruits and vegetables. Oh man. Fruit is easily one of my favorite things to munch on. And I really don't discriminate. But...

9. As much as I love fruits and vegetables, I hate olives of any kind. Eck. They make me want to gag. I also do not like cooked carrots.

10. Sean thinks I have an issue with food texture. I vehemently deny this on a regular basis and then totally judge food by its texture. I hate when he's right

11. I am a habitual procrastinator with everything except getting out of bed in the morning and working out. I will pop out of bed at 5:05 and workout, and then begin my long day of procrastinating.


What are some random things about YOU? I just love not feeling awkward after posts like these, so please, share away!


  1. I love this post!!! And I totally agree with you: we live in Texas for a reason, hot weather :)!!! xoxo

  2. I'm pretty new around here, so i'll share some randomness of my own. I set my alarm for random times near when I need to get up- so 6:57 or 7:04. I wore my ering & wedding ring on my right hand for about 2 years & then one day decided to switch it back to the "correct" hand. Growing up, I'd only eat PB&J on white bread & a turkey/meat sandwich on wheat bread. Hope that's enough for ya!

  3. Amanda - glad to have you! feel free to follow! I used to set my alarm for random times too, for whatever weird reason it makes me feel better, haha.

    Danielle - xoxo I miss you pretty! I hope you've been well :)

  4. Love this post!! We're so much alike!

    1. Obsessed,I'll say it, Obsessed with working out (not in the bad way though :-) )
    2. I'm totally a blog stalker
    3. I hate being indoors all day in the office. I get so depressed if I don't get outside to see what the weather was like during the day.
    4. I was staring at my wedding/engagement ring today. I love it because it's mine and it's special.
    5. I told my track teacher in Jr. high there was no way I was running cross country (2 miles at a time-yeah right) who knew I'd be running 26.2 one day!

    But, I love olives!!

  5. I too am religious about the time I wake up, however I wake up at 6:07am everyday. Something about waking up at a "normal time" (6:05...6:10) just doesn't work for me!

  6. I am the same way about textures of food. I won't eat baked apples because I don't like the change in texture of the apple after it is cooked. Yuck!

    I also won't eat fruit salad because I don't like fruit to taste like other fruit. Like a banana being tainted by a strawberry. It really grosses me out.