Thursday, February 17, 2011


I just want everyone to know how fabulous the lovely Jennifer over at Love, Live and Laughter with Jenn is!

I am blessed enough to be able to call this fantastic lady one of my best friends, and she continually shows me time and again how wonderful a friend she continues to be! We met through mutual friends while we were both in college (though at different colleges)

Here's a little picture recap of how beautiful she is:

Celebrating her perfect engagement

Cook off

The week of my wedding, out to dinner

At my rehearsal dinner

At my wedding

You get the picture, she's phenomenal.

ANYWAY, when I went to check my mail before work this morning I was surprised to find a wonderful little package waiting for me. Seeing as I never get a n y t h i n g other than credit card offers, I was excited. More so when I saw it was from her, because she never disappoints.

Inside was the sweetest card, a fun little Valentine's day goody bag and this gem:

I was practically squealing in my car with delight. She knows me and all my obsessions SO well :)

So Jennifer Marie, I ADORE YOU! Thank you for letting me be one of your best friends!

Oh and P.S. this post totally does not do her justice. She is amazing and everyone should be friends with her JUST SAYIN!


  1. I agree - she is pretty fabulous!

  2. OMG OMG I'm crying...... As I should be with you right now at Nuclear Cowboyz, instead I'm sitting here catching up on blogs/emails etc. (yes on a Saturday night...74 days left of this semester)
    I know you called me and Thanked me but reading this post really put your excitement into a better view for me! I strive to be a wonderful friend to those who mean most to me and I'm so glad it looks like I'm doing an OK job :)
    NO, Thank You for being an unconditional amazing friend to me, even when I'm not the best friend I can be (not seeing you in weeks...)

    And I love Lindsey's post as well :)