Tuesday, February 22, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Right now, here are some things I'm currently obsessed with:

1. kiwi - I bought some on Saturday and I can't stop slicing them and eating them at my desk at work. Even though it gets green juice everywhere, they are just delicious.

2. pomegranate green tea - everytime I hit that afternoon (who am I kidding - or morning!) slump, I drink one of these babies. Works like a charm every time.
3. my new shoes - I seriously have been basing outfits around them everyday since I got them. I just love them.

4. my husband - eeek! I just adore him. How freaking cute is he??

5.yoga - such a stress reliever. and always a good way to wind down.

(oh yeah, and I'm really good at tree pose now, which is why I had to post this one. go me!... even though thats not me.)

What are some of your favorite things right now?

I also am currently loving flowy, flowery tops, skinny cargo pants, flats of any kind, wedges, the yellow flowers I just bought and put in my kitchen, dark chocolate hershey kisses, and Sean (oh, did I mention him already??) ;-)


  1. Right now I'm loving swimming- it was such a good workout yesterday I think I'll go back today for another!

    I love flats too, I think I wear them everyday and I bought a new pair on Saturday.

    I'm loving my hubby too, but thats a given :-)

  2. i love swimming too - i swam competitively from the time i was like 5 until i turned 16. SUCH a great workout!!

    and as for the hubby's, well, i think we're probably both pretty blessed with good ones! i know i am, and from the looks of it, your marriage is going just as well! :) thank goodness for good husbands!