Monday, February 7, 2011

game on.

I am REALLY pumped right now for a few reasons...

1. My mom and I are running a 5k together on February 19... As you probably already know, my momma is my best friend. So I think its really neat that we get to do this together!

2. My dad and I are doing WARRIOR DASH March 20... As you also probably know, my dad is one of three of my boy best friends... coupled with my little brother and my husband... I am extremely nervous about this, but I think its going to be a lot of fun to do this with my dad. I'm so proud of him for deciding to do this (and I'm sure Sean is too because now I don't have to try to force Sean to do it with me lol).

I've been debating doing Warrior Dash for a while now, but my dad saying he wanted to do it gave me the push to sign us both up today - so there's no turning back now!

So far I'm doing great on my 5k/month resolution! I did my January and am signed up for February and March! I also haven't had a soda, which has been exceptionally hard lately. I've really been craving a sprite.

Well, actually I kind of cheated because I did have a glass of Blood Orange Italian soda (thanks, Target) but when I made my no soda resolution I was thinking more of sprites, cokes, etc. Even if its wrong, I don't really count fruity fizzy drinks. And I so rarely have those that I think its OK.

Anyhow, hows that for two posts in one day? Wasn't expecting that one, huh?

Oh and for anyone wondering - my in-laws really know how to put on a good party! We had a blast at their Super Bowl party yesterday, and I'm really sad that I have no pictures to show for it (I still haven't fixed my camera, sigh). I made a mass amount of spinach artichoke dip, which I think turned out pretty well. But now we have so much its crazy... oops! I shouldn't have doubled the recipe... haha.

I am really craving being outside today. Stupid office job!!! :) I hope that you all are able to enjoy this beautiful weather!!

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  1. I am SO SO proud of you bff! You are sticking with your goal and that is a hard goal to stick with it, it's not your average New Year's "goals"
    You look beautiful and so strong willed and just amazing in that photo!

    Yes your in-laws do know how to do it for Super Bowl, and I have a few pics.. I will try and get them uploaded in the next few days!