Thursday, February 10, 2011

no money days

I don't know who all listens to 94.5 but I am addicted to the Rod Ryan show on my way to work every morning. And last week they were talking about having "no money days" where you designated a day each week to not spending a cent. I thought that was a really neat concept, because how often do we mindlessly buy things when we really don't need to?

So I had a no money day yesterday and I'm having another no money day today. I contemplated having one Friday too, but I have to pay one of our bills Friday so I have to spend money, haha.

It worked fairly well. I was a little nervous yesterday, because I often go browse Target or Marshall's on my lunch breaks, but instead I tagged along with a coworker to Old Navy to shop for her little boy. And as cute as the things were at Old Navy, I resisted the urge by hanging out in the toddler section with her the whole time :) Success!

Today was easy too because pretty much every month we have a designated day that we do "birthday lunch" for someone in our office's birthday. As it happened, there are two birthdays to celebrate this month (but just one lunch) so we went to Red Lobster.

Now, I'm not the biggest fan of going to lunch with the whole office because I usually get shamed into getting dessert, etc. And I try not to eat out a lot as it is during the week. But since it was unavoidable I made it through and took the majority of my dessert to go (which will probably go to my husband... or just in the trash, depending).

Unfortunately, even though I didn't have a big lunch, or even really a rich lunch, I am still suffering that afternoon slump right now (thus the blogging and the cranberry pomegranate green tea - delicious!).

However, I am looking forward to tonight because I'm going to go run a very easy mile (I'm very sore right now, new leg workout, eek) and then I'm going to the yoga class. I've done quite a bit of yoga through at home DVDs, but I've never been to the class at my gym, so I'm going to go tonight.

This morning I did the 15 minute total body circuit again, so I figure an hours worth of yoga and a 10ish minute run will be good. It's nice doing a short workout in the morning followed by yoga or Pilate's at night because it gives me time in the mornings to my devotional and then do some things around the house - dishes, etc - plus get in a little reading before work. Then doing Pilate's or yoga after is a nice wind-down to my day. And it helps me appreciate hard running days.

I'll post later about my awesome Mexican casserole dish I made last night - I highly recommend it!! :) For now though, I hope you all enjoy the beautiful - albeit cold - day today!

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