Friday, July 22, 2011

Progressive Miles

I did 6 progressive miles outside today.

It's the first time in weeks that I've run outside for longer than 2-3 miles per the doctors orders... He told me to stick to the treadmill... but I just couldn't do it today.

He was just too cute not to add in again

I tried, I really did.

But when I walked into my living room the thought of running another run on the treadmill made me a little bit sad inside. And I just couldn't bring myself to walk into the back room and hop on the stupid thing.

So I grabbed my mace, knife, and Garmin and left the house. It's hot and humid outside. But I ran pretty good considering.

These were my splits:

All I wanted to do this run was make it progressive. I wanted to finish strong and I did. So that's a win. I can't wait til it's a little bit cooler and I don't feel like I'm running through a sauna.

For whatever bizarre reason, I'm also breaking out a like a 15 year old boy right now. I think it's from lack of sleep, but I can't be certain.


In other news, I think I have hooked LB on running! One down, one to go. Sean, you're next.

If he's reading this, I'm fairly positive he's going "yeahhhh right" right now. But I am stubborn.

Do you try and get family members to run too?? I have been after Sean for a while but it hasn't worked yet. Just recently LB has become interested, which makes me very happy.


  1. Good job on the run... very nice results.

    I break out like a 15 year old all the time, can't help you much there.

    I have never been able to get the hubs to run. He just doesn't like it. I've given up. His part of my running obsession is to book hotels for out of town races, he excels at this!

  2. my brother's the only one that runs but he can only do little sprints then start walking. it's the hardest getting people to run.

  3. Mace and a knife wow either a dangerous part of town or out in the wilderness.... I'm always trying to encourage everyone to do something active! My brother is a natural runner but he commutes everywhere on his bike so he feels that's enough.

  4. Overprotective husband and too much Criminal Minds watching, lol... He doesn't want me to get stolen when I run in the early morning and it's still dark outside. And my brother is naturally athletic, which is super annoying sometimes lol.

  5. Mace... never leave home without it! I suspect I'm more likely to have to use it on a rabid dog than a person, and in 10 years haven't had to use it once! But it makes me feel safer - urban runs, rural runs, everywhere except the track. ;)

  6. Great job on your run - so impressed!!! I'm working on getting my sister-in-law and brother to do a half with me in Cali in February. Fingers crossed!