Wednesday, July 20, 2011

La Parmigiana Italian Oven - YES PLEASE. Oh and Weekly Workout #9

Bet you thought I was going to start with La Parmigiana Italian Oven huh? Too bad :)

This week is an 'easy' week for me. My body is tired, my motivation is lacking, and I just want to take a break.

If you keep up with my training, you know I normally take Monday's off from working out. But since I'm going on a girl's trip this weekend, I decided I'd take two rest days this week instead of one and make them Saturday and Sunday instead of Monday. 

I almost took Monday off too, but I forced myself to get it done Monday evening. It's a rough life, I tell ya. 


Monday: Rest/Cross-training day
Tuesday: 6 miles @ 9:54 min/pace
Wednesday: Rest/Cross-training day
Thursday: 5 miles @ 9:54 min/pace
Friday: Rest/Cross-training day
Saturday: Rest/Cross-training day
Sunday: 6 miles @ 9:54 min/pace

Easy enough, right? We'll see.

Onto bigger, better things now...

Because I am going out of town this weekend and we are going to Vegas next week, I have been trying to get rid of all the fresh food in the house. This is not as easy as it seems... I'm tired of leftovers!

Last night when I got home I told Sean we could either have leftovers or go somewhere. He opted to go somewhere (and I secretly rejoiced). Since we had Mexican food on Saturday he was brainstorming other types of food we could have (we really get stuck on Mexican or sushi 99% of the time). We've been trying to branch out past our "safe" go-to restaurants, so we drove around for a bit before stumbling on La Parmigiana.

It is conveniently in the same strip center as Orange Leaf. Frozen yogurt afterward? Done and done.
Now, usually I'm pretty good at avoiding bread at restaurants. And by avoiding bread, I mean that I'm pretty good at limiting myself to one piece. And by one I usually mean two.

But they had the cutest little pizza slice shaped pieces of bread that were fresh-baked and came with a pesto-olive oil-parmesan mix to dip in... It was little bites of heave and rainbows I tell you!

But I was good. I only had 1 1/3 pieces... (yes, I stole part of a piece that Sean ate...)

And then we ordered an appetizer that is one of my all-time favorites - steamed mussels in white wine garlic sauce. This one came with shrimp too.

Let me tell you - white wine garlic sauce is the best thing that has ever been invented and the white wine garlic sauce at La Parmigiana was made by fairies and unicorns. I'm not even lying when I say that I could have drank the stuff off the plate. Because I have a *little* more class than that, I really just inhaled two more pieces of bread soaked in the stuff.

Our waitress came over as I was stuffing my face (Sean had stopped at this point, rude) and said she was going to ask if we wanted her to remove the plate but by the looks of it I did not... oops. I let her take it to save myself from eating anymore bread.

Then our pizza came. This is what pizzas should always be made like. The same bread that we had been tearing through seconds before was the crust of our pizza. I die. Everything was so fresh and flavorful and delicious.

We each ate one slice before we both agreed we couldn't eat anymore (yayyyy leftovers!!).

If you are around my part of the world, go here. Seriously. So good. We will be returning very soon.

Then we had Orange Leaf where I drowned myself in cookies 'n' cream and coffee frozen yogurt topped with butterfingers and waffle cone pieces. I'm not sure I think it's as good as my beloved Yogurt Cup, but I also signed up to be part of their preferred members so I get a discount every time I spend $30... which will be every third time I go. I didn't take a picture because someone is embarrassed when I take pictures of my food in public places. Something about not being discreet. Maybe because the flash went off when we were in the dimly lit Italian restaurant. My bad.

Needless to say I skipped the scale this morning.

Oh and sorry for the crappy picture quality but all I had was my phone and like I mentioned - someone gets all in a tiff when I take pictures of food ;)


  1. Ah nice, I'm gonna let you try all the new places and wait for you to tell me if they are good :) We've passed by this numerous times and wondered but we aren't adventurous, we just typically stick with Carabbas. Might have to hit up the Orange Leaf too...

    Tell the hubs to suck it up... the blogosphere needs pictures :)

  2. That place looks amazing!!! I cannot resist bread at restaurants, and that sounds so good. And good call with the restaurant right next to the yogurt place.

    I really appreciate you validating my love for hilariously large objects on my blog. I was starting to think I was really weird (I am) because no one else said anything. And I totally forgot about how awesome huge sunglasses are! Especially on babies!

  3. Wow! This place sounds really good. I don't think it even exists in California. You need to enjoy yourself once in a while for all of the hard work that you put in...I know I do!! hehehe!!

  4. It looks so good!! I'm hungry now! :)

  5. Scrumptious food! Your week looks fun. Relax and take it easy =) Nice work!!


  6. Ugh the food looks amazing!!! Just read your guest post and it was great!!!