Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Workout Recap, Week 6 + I am so lazy

Right now Sean is busy being productive and sweating out in the Houston heat.

I, on the other hand, am sitting in the AC, reading blogs and calling it "productive". I also have managed to change out of my real clothes and into my workout clothes, even though I haven't worked out today and have absolutely zero plans of doing so. Oops. And I'm debating eating for the third time today.

And I'm eating for the third time today. Oh and I'm being so lazy that even though the Patriot ended 30 minutes ago I have yet to turn the TV off so I'm listening to the theme music over and over again.

I'm also (im)patiently waiting for Sean to finish doing whatever he's doing (ok, he JUST started doing it) so that I can force him to drive me to Yogurt Cup where I can indulge in the source of my broke bank account yet again. If you know us in real life you know that Sean and I are arguably the cheapest people in the world when it comes to stuff and are master clearance shoppers with anything and everything, so why we're willing to fork over $10+ for fro-yo all the time is beyond me. Oh wait, it's because I force us to go AT LEAST once a week. My bad.

So why do I have the luxury of doing absolutely nothing today? Honestly, I should be doing a lot of things but I'm going to blame my lack thereof on my sucktastic run yesterday.

And ya know, actually, now that I've read over all that, I'm doing quite a bit today. So I don't feel so bad afterall.

What I was supposed to be doing:

Monday: Rest/Cross-training day
Tuesday: 2 miles @ 9:56 min/pace
Wednesday: Rest/Cross-training day
Thursday: 5 mile tempo run; 3 miles @ 8:23 min/pace
Friday: Rest/Cross-training day
Saturday: Rest/Cross-training day
Sunday: 16 miles @ 9:56 min/pace

What really happened:

Monday: Not.A.Thing.
Tuesday: 2 miles @ 9:50 min/pace, 30 minute Pilates class
Wednesday: Jackie Warner's 40 min. Total Body Circuit
Thursday: 5 mile tempo run; 3 miles @ 8:20 min/pace, 10 min long & limber Pilates
Friday: Jackie Warner's Upper Body Circuit and Abs Circuit, 2 miles walking
Saturday: 16 really awful horrible miles somewhere between a 9:50 and 10 min pace with lots of walking; 10 min Total Body Circuit Pilates, 10 min long & limber Pilates
Sunday: Eat ginormous baked potato with BBQ turkey, watch the Patriot, eat more baked potato, wait for Yogurt Cup. Eat Girl Scout cookies while waiting. Exhausting.

Overall planned miles: 23

Overall actual miles: 23 (running); 2 (walking)

Yeaaahhhhh about that run yesterday....

I made it to mile 8 before I had to stop. I walked around the house, chugged a bottle of water, laid on the living room floor. Got up, ran to 10 with some sporadic walking. Back to the floor. Ran to 12 with sporadic walking. Back on the floor. Ran to 13. Floor. Ran and walked to 16. Died. It.was.horrible. No clue why. Don't you love that?

LB (little brother) is coming over Tuesday and we're going to run together, so I'm hoping that starts a track of superb runs this week so that I can forget about the awfulness of my run yesterday.

How's your weekend going? Anyone do anything exciting?!

Long runs or races this weekend? I feel like it's been a while since I've raced. I'm going through slight withdrawals. There's a really cheap 5k this next weekend that I'm thinking about doing - $18 entry fee... Hmmm...


  1. I know I said it on Twitter, but you amaze me. Once I "lay down on the floor" even if I think I will get back out there to's all over for me.

    You didn't give up. That makes you a superstar in my book. Girl - 16 miles is VERY far!

    That's a cheap 5K! I say do it - that adrenaline rush from a 5K might just be what you need to perk up! =)

  2. Ugh. Sorry you had such a sucky run. I did 9.5 yesterday (the furthest I've run since my half) and I was super dehydrated. (=sucky run)

    I am glad to see that you've migrated to the dark side and are only doing Jackie's upper body & abs portions on occasion. I hate weights, but I *really* hate lunges and squats.

    And I think your Sunday "workout" was super effective. Good think we don't live near each other--I have a feeling we would be horrible influences on one another! :)

  3. 16 miles is rock star quality whether you think so or not!!! I would kill to be able to maintain a 10 min mile pace for a considerable time.

    Where the heck is this Yogurt Cup place? Why am I out in the dark?