Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 Things Thursdayyy

I'm still running on a high from a great run this morning so I'm in a superb mood.

Which brings me to 3 things thursdayyyyyyyy!

1. I guest posted for Britt, so you should go check it out! You can read my post here :) I adore her, so I was thrilled to post for her!

2. I did end up signing up (gah, I'm so last minute about these things sometimes!) for a 5k this weekend. I just couldn't pass up paying only $18 to race out in the heat and humidity this weekend. Hopefully I'll come back with a nice PR.

3. My best friend's hubby is coming home tomorrow! He has been gone since January (he's in the Navy) and I could not be more excited for her!

Tell me something (or 3 things!) about you! 

Anyone else running any races this weekend?!


  1. $18 that's awesome! What race are you running? I'll be running in the Go for the Goal downtown. I'm shooting for a PR but with this dang heat who knows! I feel like it's getting hotter still each day.

  2. The Lunar Rendezvous Run - it's in Clear Lake, but it was only $18! I thought about the Go for the Goal but for some reason I'm obsessed with running races out in the Clear Lake/Galveston area. And it was only $18. Lol.

    You'll PR!! It is getting hotter and hotter though, so I totally feel ya on that! Hopefully we'll both have PR's :)

  3. yay for racing this weekend! I will be crossing my fingers for you that you come back with a PR. Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  4. YAY! You are such a speedy mcspeed-erton that I'm sure you will PR!

    3 things: today I had awesome pistachio fro yo, ran a fantastic 6 miler, and drank wine that was made the year I graduated high school. Good day! :)

  5. Good luck girl!! If you can PR in the Houston summer (which I am SURE you can), you can do anything :).

  6. Yay for a great run! Good luck on your 5k this weekend! It's hot out there!!!

  7. You little over achiever you :) If I was a runner.. I would love to do runs in that area also!

    Umm you wanna know 3 things?
    I miss your pretty face!
    I can't wait to see you!!!!!
    I love you and Sean!!!!
    and one to grow on.. I'm gonna try and blog a few times this week ;) get excited!