Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marathon Excitement & Weekly Workout #6

First things first... I'M RUNNING THE HOUSTON MARATHON! Thank you to everyone who offered up  kind words while I stressed about getting in or not, but it's official now - I'm going!

Unfortunately, my right leg has been giving me some grief over the past few days (OK, weeks) so in an effort to make sure I'm in tip-top shape for Marathon #1 in November and #2 in January, I'm going to the sports doctor tomorrow morning and have been taking it easy so far this week. Depending on what he tells me, that may or may not affect my workouts this week :(

But here's what it should be looking like:

Planned miles for the week: 20

Monday: Rest/Cross-training day
Tuesday: 2 miles @ 9:57 min/pace
Wednesday: Rest/Cross-training day
Thursday: 4 miles speed work, 2x1600 in 7:56 with 800 jogs in between
Friday: Rest/Cross-training day
Saturday: Rest/Cross-training day
Sunday: 14 miles @ 9:57 min/pace

In GOOD news though (and to give you a little something to look forward to this week), there will be a giveaway here on Friday! In the meantime, I have some fun guest posts lined up for the rest of this week!

:) Hope every one's week is treating them well so far!


  1. I got in too!!!! Woot! We are like marathon racing twins... sorta.

  2. ME TOOO!! I'm so excited!! But I'm only running the half so hopefully I'm alive enough at the end of my race to cheer you on!!

  3. yayy!! congrats on getting in!! and I hope you feel better!

    can't wait for the guests posts!! (:

  4. YAYAYAY!!! I know how much you wanted in, so congrats! And there's plenty of time to train, so heal up and then go for it! :)

    Glad things are going your way this week!!

  5. Yay so exciting!! I have so many people I get to cheer on! :)