Friday, June 3, 2011

Jillian Michaels - RIPPED IN THIRTY Week 3 Review

This is way late, but better late than never, right?

If you missed the review of week one you can read it here and you can read week two here.

She's mean. That's all.

No just kidding.

What I Liked

- I came away sore every session.

- They were in hot pink and black, and I love that color combo.

- The warm-up incorporated weights, which I thought was kind of cool. And I had never done any of the moves in the warm-up before, so win. I love trying new things.

- Static lunges with a twist? I'll take it. And you should too.

What I Didn't Like

- There was a BIG focus on legs. And this little runner's legs were shot by the end of it. I guess that's not bad, it's just kind of hard on my running.

- During the first set of strength moves she did the traditional 3 minutes. Except not. You did the first two strength moves twice like normal, but the 3rd strength move you only did one time. I didn't get it. The first day I did the video I actually stopped working out and hit rewind because I was so confused.

- There was a whole lot of balance moves. And guess what? I'm not coordinated. I can handle one balance move but not two in a row.

Overall: Still love it. I love challenges.

Happy Friday! It's HOT here in Houston. Wish I was back here...

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?? Tonight hubs and I are going out to dinner, tomorrow we're going to one of my besties river house for a crawfish boil, and Sunday is my birthday!

Is it unbelievably hot where you are too? Houston is a death wish in the summer. But I'll take heat over cold any day.


  1. I agree, totally take heat over cold. Even the hubs agrees now, the pool in the back helps. You can always put a fan on or step into the A/C but when you get really cold it's sooo hard to warm up.

    Have you seen changes from doing ripped in 30? I keep looking at it and for whatever reason not getting it.

  2. Ummm I don't really think I have. I really have been watching my diet too closely lately, so I think that might be factoring into it. So far I've loved it and it's been really tough, but I'm always skeptical about anything saying it'll get you 'ripped in thirty days'...

  3. Happy Birthday! Now that cardio is pretty much out for me, I'm definitely going to get that DVD.

    Big weekend plans? I'm going to try water aerobics tomorrow - I'm thinking it's going to be me + a bunch of senior citizens. Should be entertaining! Other than that, we're finally having nice weather in Seattle, so we'll probably be barbecuing and enjoying the sunshine.

  4. It IS hot... I wish I were there too! I would take heat over cold but not THIS kind of heat. And lol that Jillian Michaels is mean!

  5. It is HOT! I have been having to get up a the crack of dawn just to get some kind of run in!