Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Workout Recap, Week 2

What I was SUPPOSED to be doing:

What REALLY happened:

Monday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in Thirty Week 4
Tuesday: Easy 4 miles @ 9:47 pace
Wednesday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in Thirty Week 4; 1 mile easy to be a part of NRD
Thursday: 4 mile speedwork - 1 mile warm up at 10:00 min/pace, 1 mile @ 8:00 min/pace, 1/2 mile @ 10:00 min/pace (times 2), 1/2 mile cool down
Friday: Not a thing. I chose to sleep in and sleep off being at Buffalo Wild Wings the night before. Sometimes beer and sports games with two of our best friends on Thursday night trumps working out in the morning.
Saturday: 9 mile long run @ 10:00 mile/pace
Sunday: 50 minute Pilates DVD

Overall planned miles: 17

Overall actual miles: 18
The Ripped in Thirty just didn't happen three times this week. And it was the last week. Sad, right? I debated doing it this morning, but Pilates just sounded better and I am all for listening to what I feel like doing versus forcing myself to do something I don't want to. Who knows, maybe I'll do it at some point today (probably not).
And as for that random one mile... well, it was a cross-training day but at 10:00pm Wednesday night I decided I wanted to run a mile for National Running Day. So I did. One of the joys of having your own treadmill. Best Craig's List purchase EVER.

The four miles on Tuesday were a breeze, which was a blessing because I ran them after work in the Houston heat. The four mile speedwork was like running on air. I flew threw it and loved every single second of it.
I did the 9 mile run on the treadmill yesterday morning. Things went great the first 6 miles. Then I made the fatal error of looking to see how far I had gone. Definitely thought I had been running longer than I had and that's when EXTREME boredom set in. I just started talking to myself. Out loud. Good thing I was at home. I would love to show you beautiful sunrise pictures like last week, but the truth is, our treadmill is in a room that we have done nothing with yet and it is facing a wall.

Or not.
But he sure is cute!!


  1. You r-o-c-k! Super envious of your dedication!

  2. Great week of workouts! Blast some music in your treadmill room!