Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Lately I've been hearing the word "epic" to describe things, events, etc (OK, mainly from my little brother). While I assume that, like, epic is the new "like", I think the term "epic" is WAY overused. Just because you had a good day does not make it "epic". Just because we went to Yogurt Cup, does not mean it was "epic" (well, that one is debatable...)

2. I just bought these on sale from $30 from White House Black Market. My Vegas trip thanks you for putting these on clearance.

3. There is a slight twinge in my right leg that showed up this morning. I've been trying to ignore it today by propping it up on my trashcan and putting an ice pack on it. Britt and I have 10 miles to cover this weekend, so that needs to stop immediately. Unfortunately, my entire leg has gone numb. That tingly feeling is driving me insane right now.

Has anyone else heard the extreme overuse of the word "epic"? (And Luke, if you're reading this, I promise I make fun of Sean way more than you).

Do you get to wear slippers at work? I don't really leave my office in them (yes I do), but I wear them sitting at my desk all the time. I also usually have a pair of flats and a pair of heels readily available.


  1. I've heard "epic" used some lately. My 6th grade students say "beast" all the time. For example, "That party was 'beast.'" I don't get it, but I guess that's what makes me old!

    As for the slippers - I have some black flip-flop looking ones that don't really look like slippers, but they are as comfortable as slippers. I have been known to wear them around my classroom (especially when I was pregnant!)

  2. My little brother (who is now 30) used "Epic" all the time back in the day. OMGosh it used to make us crazy!! Must be a dude thing!!

    I heart slippers. If I could wear them all of the time I would!!

    Hope your leg gets better soon!

  3. I am in love with those shoes! <3

    And I think we should both ignore your leg pain and then maybe it will go away. ;)

  4. I haven't heard of extreme over use of the word epic, but my brother extremely overuses "whatevs". I kinda think he is the only guy to say it, but that's a whole different story. haha!

    I totally love those shoes - so super cute!

    I'm concerned about your leg. Glad you are taking care of it. Listen to it - if it's still cranky this weekend, don't do your 10 and see a doctor! Hope you feel better soon, girlie!

  5. I hear ya on epic. Blegh. and those shoes are gorgeous!

  6. I used to wear heels all the time to work, now my 4th year into teaching and the fact that I run more, I stick to flats. I couldn't imagine wearing heels all day ever again.
    That is to bad about your leg, hopefully time will heal it before your run. I know how hard it can be when you want to get out and run and you have something holding you back.

  7. yes, epic has been a tad over used. I feel ya on that one.

    I WISH I got to wear slippers to work, but I work in a shoe store, so I guess having cute shoes is pretty important. :)

    I hope your leg feels better! I have an 11 miler this weekend, so I will be in the same long-run boat as you, we should both send eachother positive vibes!

    Hope you have a great weekend!