Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekly Workout #4

So far I've been feeling like this all week:

But that's ok. Cause at least he's cute, so maybe no matter how worn out I am, I am looking that cute too? There's always wishful thinking... Good thing my week looks like this:

Planned miles for the week: 15

Monday: Rest/Cross-training day
Tuesday: 5 miles @ 9:59 min/pace
Wednesday: Rest/Cross-training day
Thursday: 5 miles @ 9:59 min/pace
Friday: Rest/Cross-training day
Saturday: Rest/Cross-training day
Sunday: 5 miles @ 9:59 min/pace

Easy... right? :) We'll see.

Sean and I spent Saturday after the race doing this:

And this:

And this:

And being cute like this:

(That all translates to going to Galveston, playing washers on the beach, and drinking cold beer.) (And yes, I realize that drinking beer on the beach is counter-productive to the 7 miles I ran before that, but it was nothing compared to the pizza I inhaled when we got home...)

Do anything fun this weekend?

Do you like going to the beach? I love being out by the water - river, ocean, you name it. And while Galveston isn't the prettiest beach, I still like going and playing in the sand.


  1. Ah, I love the beach - specifically Playa del Carmen kinda beach, but alas...no Mexi for me this year. So sad...

    Looks like y'all had a blast! =)

    Nice plan for your week - I bet you nail it!

  2. I feel like that cat too!!! Sigh...

    I probably need to run myself to exhaustion in the next couple days here so I feel some sense of accomplishment :(.

    Sorry, I'm totally debbie downer-ing your comments haha.

  3. Cute cute! I love that y'all played washers on the beach!
    I love going to rivers, oceans, lakes, etc. as well.. In case you didn't already know ;)~