Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Marathons & National Running Day

I hope you all are out there celebrating National Running Day today!

Well, kind of. Sometimes it feels not so great while running, but afterwards I (usually) feel great!

There's some great deals out there for National Running Day - go here to see some of the deals that are going on today (perfect time to sign up for a race...)

So how am I celebrating National Running Day? Why, by taking the day off work and running my first marathon.

Or not.

But I did enter the lottery for the Houston Chevron 2012 marathon (!!!!! please, everyone, say a little prayer for me that I get in!!!!!), I'll be doing another day of marathon training (ok, ok it's a rest/cross-training day, so I'll really be doing some cross-training and I'll probably run a quick mile for good measure, just to be a part of National Running Day...), and I'm seriously considering signing up for a Rock 'N Roll race somewhere close by... we shall see (and by we shall see, I mean as soon as I wrap this post up I'm googling what would be a good option...)

This whole having Monday off work has really thrown me off, so I'm a little behind on all the things I wanted to post about. We'll be all caught up by the end of the week (maybe), but for now we'll just take a look at what I'm supposed to be doing this week :) Last week was a huge success though!

There's going to have to be some tweaking on this week, because June 5 is my birthday and I'm not sure that I'll be running that day, but the 9 miles will happen, be it the 4th or the 5th.


So tell me, how are you celebrating National Running Day?

Anyone running any RNR races this year?


  1. Good luck getting into Houston! If you want to run before Houston- San Antonio is a great option. I've also heard good things about Dallas and NOLA :)

  2. 2 things...
    1.My fingers are crossed for you! (I'm entering the lottery for the half so I totally understand)
    2.The SA Rock n Roll will be in November and its $77 dollars today.

  3. I swear I just posted a comment and it got disappeared on me! lol.

    I hope you get in Houston! I'm thinking about signing up for the San Antonio Rock N Roll now. I had already been thinking about doing the half and now I"m contemplating the full because it's actually cheaper.... hmmm. Sounds like a fun girls trip to me :-)

  4. Good luck getting into Houston!! Lots of prayers coming your way. I heard that's a great race!

    I am on a rest day today. With RNR this weekend I need some down time. I am running vicariously through everyone else :)

  5. Good luck gettng into your race!
    I am hoping to run the Las Vegas RNR. We know that I LOVE Sin City. :-)

  6. Hey Rachael - now I can spell your name right!
    Anyways, good luck with Houston! I think I successfully bandited the Houston half from years 2004-2006. That was before it filled up - don't hate me! :)
    I've never done an R and R but I'm tempted to soon...I've heard they are hella fun. You should totally do the 3M half next february in Austin. It's a great (fast) race.

  7. Eeek, good luck! That's where I live and I didn't enter but I'm hoping to cheer a bunch of bloggers on. :)