Thursday, April 14, 2011


After the Blue Bell Fun Run 5k I realized something: for as much as I train and run and cross train and strength train and do yoga and pilates, I never really focus on hills. I do some speed work here and there, but hills have been, well, obsolete in my life.

The Clover 5k in all of its suckiness SHOULD have been an indicator to this, but I gleefully ignored why the race sucked so much (other than poor layout). Hills.

The Blue Bell 5k was even more hilly than the Clover 5k, but for whatever weird race reason I floated through this race.

Once I crossed the finish line one of the first things I said to Sean was that I needed to spend some time with hills and speed work.

Hills and I had our first official date this morning, along with the trusty and reliable treadmill. We all three met up nice and early in the quiet and dark and I left a hot, sweaty mess.

6 miles of hills is brutal. My poor calves are just plum tuckered out.

This whole week (since the 5k) has been an intensive work out week. I did a 33 minute speed session Sunday, a training run Monday, Spin Class and ab work Tuesday, a training run and strength session Wednesday, 6 miles of hills, 10 minutes of Pilates and (will do) an hour of yoga today, and tomorrow I have a training run, strength work and probably another 10 minutes of Pilates. That really doesn't sound too bad when I read it. In fact, a lot of my weeks look similar. But it's been awhile since I've taken a day off. Remember when we talked about that?

I have a good reason, I really do. See tomorrow morning, I get to go and have LASIK. No more eye infections for me (hopefully).

And after I have LASIK I can't work out at all (not even yoga, boo) for at least 3 days. My running self almost cried (I wish I was kidding). No running? No. What about yoga? NO. ehhhhhh ok. fine.

They said I could do a "light walk". What a tease.

Anyway, I get to take the day off work tomorrow and force Sean to spend all day with me (he's a good husband!). So hopefully I'll have some time to update my bloggin' friends on the rest of my life. But today, today all I can think about is those darn hills. And how much I really love them. Is that weird? Don't get me wrong, they were AWFUL. I wanted to quit so many times. But as soon as it was over, even though I was dripping with sweat and wanted nothing more than to just sit and die, all I could think about and have been thinking about is how much I wish I started doing hills sooner.

Oh and P.S. Our one year anniversary is this weekend :)


  1. aaaaahh you are such a pretty bride! And since I am vain like that, I am now an immediate fan of your blog since you're such a stunner. Excited to browse!

    What's UP with soy joy bars? It's like some rich person loves bad tasting soy, and decided to embark on an incredibly expensive and unsuccessful campaign to market these bars. I predict they will be off the year

  2. I hardly do hills either! It's supposed to help with your speed by building the right muscles. Best of luck with lasik!

  3. One of the things I loved about Austin was training on all the hills & I really miss it. I've pretty much ignored it until I decided to travel for marathons & pretty much every other city has a few minor hills. I try to do some hill training on the tread mile 1x-2x a week depending on my schedule & I can really tell it's helped. We'll see if it helps enough in Nashville next weekend!