Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LASIK + Anniversary

Mondays are such a drag. Especially went you spent all day Sunday loading up on liquid carbs.

Unfortunately, Tuesday is also turning out to be a real big drag, but I'm trying to snap out of it.

How unbelievably cute is this:

Well it happened. I had LASIK on Friday and I am beyond thrilled. Seriously. The fact that people see like this all the time with no glasses or contacts just floors me. Because I enjoy yall, I am totally willing to share this picture with you:

yes, those are "eye shields" very professionally taped to my eyes.

Yep, that's how I spent all day Friday after surgery (a surgery that lasted a whopping 13 seconds per eye. I need to be an opthamalogist, clearly). I was supposed to "sleep" all day (then what the heck am I supposed to do at night!), was banned from the computer and from texts. What do you do then?!? So I drank mimosas, took two naps, and did laundry and housework (in my eye shields, duh).

Ummm... how cute is he:

My parents took pity on me and brought Sean and I dinner Friday night and Saturday night (I need to have surgery more often).

Saturday Sean drove me back to the doctor and they did a vision check. 20/15, baby, take that! Stupid Sean wanted them to give him an eye test as well. Apparently he has 20/15 vision on his own (lame).

And then I did nothing. And it was glorious. I spent all day reading.

Sunday I won wife of the year award when I made banana-walnut pancakes. Happy Anniversary, honey.

Uhh, yes, they are the cutest things I've ever laid (new) eyes on:

Then we went to the Museum of Natural Science because Sean was dying to see the Texas exhibit.

Then we went to Bodega's, which is reminiscent of a Chipotle with phenomenal margaritas. We split a salad and got caught up in the Astros game... Which I don't even want to talk about. Another margarita and two beers later we left mid-8th inning because I was disgusted with our uncanny ability to give games away.

But I'm not bitter.

We went to a 3d IMAX, which was awesome, about orangutans and elephants and then we went to MAX'S WINE DIVE. That's in all caps for a reason, my friends. If you are looking for a cool little wine bar in Houston go there. The guy that runs the place is awesome!

We got a free glass of champagne for celebrating our 1st anniversary and he discounted the price on our bottle of wine (I love you!). I think he was feeling a little sentimental because he had just gotten married two weeks ago. I promised him I would social media the sh*t out of his place, so in case you missed that, it was MAX'S WINE DIVE.

We went and had sushi after at Soma and I was going to take a picture, but I got as far as the soup before something weird happened and I inhaled all the sushi... I'm not sure what that was about.

When we got home we got out the top of our wedding cake from this time last year (it was frozen til now) and had a slice (that we shared!!) and it was surprisingly delicious. I was a little nervous about year-old cake, but I promise you we ate that slice quickly.

To counteract the million calories that I ate Sunday, I am happy to announce I am cleared for running again. And as much as I DID NOT want to go run when I got home last night, I killed it. A good 7 miles of pure sweat in 83 degree Houston weather.


  1. What a super fun weekend! I wanna see that Texas exhibit now!

  2. haha that lasik picture made me chuckle. Sounds like y'all had a great anniversarry. We didn't save the top of our cake, but we did save our bottle of free champagne from the honeymoon. Can't wait to rip into that!

    Glad you got your running back, I'm sure you were going stir crazy.

  3. I really want to see the Texas exhibit. Sounds like a fantastic weekend.

  4. I love Max's! I haven't been there in about a year but it's so delicious!

  5. aw, so cute with tape over your face. Isn't it nice when something forces you to do nothing but take it easy all day? I always forget to do that.

    I want some frozen cake.

  6. Happy 1st Anniversary! I pass Max's Wine Dive all the time but still haven't been there... it sounds good!

  7. Great weekend! Getting lasik was a highlight for me during my first year of employment :) Glad it went so well.

    I love hanging out at wine bars & Max's is a blast.