Monday, April 4, 2011

I love technology

This weekend I was flying solo because Sean was out of town. So I did the normal "I'm an awesome housewife (even though I'm not a housewife)" and I got up and did yoga and cleaned and grocery shopped and sent Sean on his merry way.

Jackie (she's so pushy sometimes) made me do a 40 minute total body circuit as well Saturday afternoon and then I relaxed like every normal person does with these:

I went on a minor shopping trip and came home with white capris (because I have an apparent death wish, who buys white capris? Let's be honest, I have a tendency to wear my food and drinks) and these shoes that I've been lusting after for months now (I've gone to try them on at least five times):

Then I went over to my parents house to spend some time with my dad. We drank a million glasses of wine and then went and had Berry Hill with my momma who had been at work. Then I came home with them and had 55 more glasses of wine (exact number) before going home and basically passing out.

Leo, being the jerk that he is sometimes, had to rub it in my face that he can find comfort in the weirdest of places:

Sunday I woke up to a throbbing headache (for someone that hasn't drank really in months, too much wine was definitely a bad thing) and I tried to counteract it by being super productive and running around like a crazy person (no lie).

Then Sean and I went and saw the Lincoln Lawyer and I forced him to take me to have frozen yogurt.

Mine is the deformed close one. Why Sean's looks so pretty is beyond me.

I then inhaled most of a bacon burger (who am I??) from Chili's before finally deciding I needed to chill out and we went home and watched 3:10 to Yuma. And then my weekend ended. Exciting stuff, right?

Oh and I tried to write this post last night, but someone wouldn't let me use the laptop.

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