Wednesday, April 6, 2011


First off - I am sorry about the mess of a blog, please keep reading me! And pass me on! And love me!

Right now we're undergoing some blog construction. And by blog construction, I mean I am very amateurishly constructing my blog into what I dream of it being and there is a MASSIVE learning curve going along with that.

Let me show you:

And the answer is YES I did give myself a red star body. Which I colored in myself in paint, which is not easy to do.

So if you're wondering why my blog looks horrendous and why it changes a million times a day, it's because I am learning s l o o o o w l y how to customize on my own. You'd think blogger would make it easy.

Also, I'm streamlining my blog, which (once I figure out how to add tabs) I will explain in full at a later date.

Now, I'll bet you're wondering why I CAN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. ;) Because of this email:

AHAHA! Garmin Forerunner 405 you are MINEMINEMINE! And in time for me to utilize for the 5k this weekend too! I love having an anniversary, Sean gets motocross boots and I get my garmin. I definitely drove home on my lunch break to see if it had been delivered (it hadn't) but now I see that it has been and I am very impatiently waiting to go home and open it and play with it. :)

Oh and it's Wednesday, halfway tipping point of the week. Hope it's lovely for you all!


  1. Love the new look and name! Have fun with the garmin :-)

  2. ummm, this blog is going to BLOW UP. Seriously, I can see it now. It's going places. You are quality, I love it!