Monday, January 31, 2011

relaxing weekend replay

Sometimes, you just need a break.

This weekend? Definitely one of those times. I came off of a very long and stressful week and I was just not having it on Friday. I came home not wanting to fix dinner, not wanting to do anything. Thank God my husband can bounce back from these things. No dinner? No problem, he had a late lunch anyway and he really just wants some ramen. No going out? Good thing, Winter X Games are on and he wanted to watch them anyway. Oh baby, I am so thankful for you!

We did nothing Friday night. I heated up some canned turkey chili and he made ramen. We had two glasses of wine, watched X games, and went to bed early.

And Saturday? Saturday, I woke up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready. I cleaned like you'd never believe, scrubbing floors and cabinets, beating dust out of rugs, swiping counter tops clean... Every time I'd think about taking a break, I'd get a new rush of readiness to tackle a room. And at the end of it, as I sat on the couch surveying my house, I was so so happy. But the life of a wife doesn't stop there. There was still laundry to be done and grocery shopping to accomplish. And accomplish I did.

My sweet husband went to the motocross track for the first time in months Saturday. Which was perfect for me, because I needed him out of the house. I needed the quiet and the alone time to clean. And let me tell you, when he walked through the door as I was curled up on the couch reading, it lit up my soul. Because there he was, sweaty, dirty, and so very happy. He looked like a little boy as he explained how great he felt, how wonderful it was, and how much he had missed riding. My heart could have burst with how happy I was because of how happy he was.

We finished off our night with oysters and seeing True Grit - which was pretty good. And at 10pm on Saturday night, we went to bed. Because at 5am on Sunday morning, we were getting out of bed. At 6am on Sunday morning, we were walking up to Minute Maid with my family, and at 7:30am on Sunday morning, we were running.

There really are no words to explain how cool it is to see literally thousands of people come together for an event. And there really are no words to explain how awesome it is to see my whole family lifting my mom's sweet friend up by participating in this race. Because my mom's friend has Parkinson's disease. So my whole family raised money to donate to HAPS (Houston Area Parkinson's Society) and then we all went out there and walked or ran. It didn't matter that it was raining or that it was cold or that Sean and Luke don't run - we did it anyway. And it was awesome.

The other awesome thing? My last post was wrong. I looked up my official time. And it was 26:42. Which got me thinking. So I looked up my official time from the first 5k I did. It was 28:41. So in a little over a month, I managed to take 2 whole minutes off my race time. God is awesome, and the bodies that he gave us that allow us to accomplish even the smallest of things are amazing.

And the rest of Sunday, you ask? The rest of Sunday I spent sitting on my back porch with my husband, sipping cold beers and watching motocross and x games, throwing darts and grilling burgers. And it was perfect.

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