Sunday, January 9, 2011

cleaning out

***Not that it really is very important, but I feel that it's necessary that I let all of you know that I do in fact have a clean house now :) While I didn't stop until 9pm last night, I did manage to get the whole house clean and have successfully cleaned out all of my clothes and shoes that are in my room. Now I have a whole room dedicated to things I'm getting rid of someday :)***

When I got up on Saturday morning it was with the thought that I would clean all day Saturday and then only have to worry about grocery shopping on Sunday.

I can not even begin to tell you how WRONG I was about this.

Let me tell you, cleaning out is no fun at all. Because I knew I would get distracted, I piled everything that was sitting on the floor in our room on our bed. Then I cleaned our bathroom and dusted/swept/mopped our bathroom and room before attempting to tackle the mess that used to be our bed.


I don't know that I've ever been that frustrated. And as I sit here, at almost 5:30pm on Sunday, I can tell you that I'm STILL not done. We have WAY too much junk. I'm willing to bet that most of it we could throw away and  never notice it was gone.

So at 4 yesterday, I gave up. I popped a bottle of champagne, made a mimosa, and hugged my husband. Because we were both in bad moods. Because we both had been working all day on projects that neither of us thought would take 'that long'.

And after that, we showered and left the house. Sometimes, you just need to LEAVE. SO we went to BDubs and had a beer, and then went to Monster Jam (which was AWESOME!).

I did get up and grocery shop this morning. And I did keep cleaning. But my house is still a DISASTER and I don't feel like I've made that much headway.

So to counteract that, I locked myself in our room, ran some steaming hot bath water, threw in some bubbles, grabbed the Chelsea Handler book "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" and a glass of red wine, and spent an hour reading and enjoying a bubble bath. It was the first time our bathtub had ever been used. And It. Was. Glorious.

Then I continued cleaning out before I gave up for the third time in two days and went to Target.

And do you know what HORRIBLE fact I learned upon entering Target?


I almost passed out. What kind of sick joke is that?! It's 40 degrees outside and everyone is still carrying around their winter layer AND YOU PUT SWIM SUITS OUT?!?

Target, you have disappointed me. I knew the time was close, but it's still JANUARY.

I guess it's their way of reminding everyone to stay true to their New Year's Resolutions. I type that as I'm sitting here eating chips and guacamole and thinking about everything else that I've eaten today.

But, one thing I did learn while at Target was that their Wii Fits are on sale, so I am going back armed with gift cards from Christmas (thank you Roxie!!!) and my Wii and I are going to re-bond. :)

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


  1. Yay you finally used your pretty tub! I LOVE warm baths!
    haha I laughed out loud when you texted me today about the swim suits! I saw that last week when I was making my weekly visit to Target, I do give them props cause they normally put them out in like March which is great for us Texans in case we get lucky enough to use them over spring break.. But Jan really? ha!
    Besides the fact that they have them out in Jan.. did you look at some of them? They are hideous and would fit my 8 year old cousin!

  2. I couldn't even look at them, I was so disgusted. And I don't understand why the swimsuits are getting smaller. I need them to get BIGGER. My lower body curves in places that do NOT fit into swim suit bottoms for 3 year olds. Jus' sayin'.