Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a little of this and that

There's not a whole lot of shows that I watch regularly right now. Even my HBO shows are over (depressing!). So I'm pretty much down to football (and I have to say, since we watch it so often I don't think I'm going to be that sad for it to be over - though I do love Superbowl Sunday), the Mentalist (which hubs has told me extensively how much he likes ;) yay for getting him hooked!) and... oh wait, that's it.

Until last night. Last night I caught the tail-end of the Biggest Loser. And I would have never, ever picked to watch that show, but the hubs had it on while he was grilling steaks and I got hooked. I literally could not stop watching... or tearing up (I am a HUGE SUCKER for things like this). I've told Sean repeatedly that I shouldn't be allowed to watch tv shows (or movies - i.e. The Blind Side) like that because I am immediately in tears. And now I'm a devoted watcher. Just. Like. THAT.

This week has been PAINFULLY SLOW. I've had to plan things to do on my lunch break every day to keep me motivated to get through it.

Monday - BBB to pick up some of the 'Wonder Hangers' and a new jewelry holder.

Has anyone used these?

They were a stocking stuffer from my husband over Christmas and I kinda laughed at him when I saw them and made some sort of comment along the lines of "what're you trying to say?!?!" (ok, so maybe I have a bursting at the seams very full closet, so what?!). Well when I went into overdrive on Sunday cleaning, I put those in my closet. AH-MAZING. Love them. And I didn't have enough so I went back for more. :) Just FYI.

Tuesday I went to Target because they are having their Great Save event (or something like that) and their Wii Fits were on sale. So now we're the proud owner of...

I can hardly wait to get home and play with it! We set the Wii up last night, so while Sean is at softball tonight I'm going to be Wii-fitting it up! Woohoo! :)

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now.



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  1. Biggest Loser is about the only show on the whole world wide TV that I will plan my night around to watch..
    Not only is it inspiring if your trying to loose weight and stay fit, It's just an all around great show.. Like you said, everything is so depressing, yes it's sad on this show when people are sent home but it's also rewarding to know they tried and then sometimes they come back at the end of the show and have lost just as much weight as they would of if they would of stayed at the camp (oops did I just spoil it for ya ;))

    My parent's and I have watched every season together!! and FYI, I just saw on demand the other night has some of the shows on it now, so you can go back and catch up a little :)