Monday, January 17, 2011

i am trying really hard to think of something cool to write about, but i am lacking the motivation right now. so i figured i'd give some bullets of whats going on in my life as of rightttttt NOW.

  • went camping this past weekend with 13 other people (15 total with Sean and i) - success!
  • it was freezing cold and raining all weekend, but we still managed to have a great time
  • Sean caught our comforter (in our tent) on fire, but caught it in time
  • i threw away the comforter after camping
  • i am desperately wanting to go back to school right now *sigh*
  • in four days, i will be on a plane and i can not WAIT
  • i am on a serious budget right now. which explains why i had to buy new sweatpants last week *siggghhh, im horrible with budgets*
  • i have developed a serious love of mimosas
  • i am officially behind in my daily devotionals, but am trying to catch up
  • i really am enjoying going to the gym again
  • i found out that i run better outside when im not listening to music (weird)
  • i am set to run my next 5k on January 30 and will be signing up for one in February shortly after that
  • i am ridiculously in love with my husband (like you didn't already know...)
  • these rainy days have been quite pleasant
  • can someone please just give me a health & nutrition degree??
that's all for now. :)

1 comment:

  1. You crack me up! I will answer in bullets!
    * Camping was for sure a success!
    *Sorry I just kinda giggled when I read about the mini tent fire, I would not laugh if anything worse happend nor would I laugh if you haven't been trying to get rid of that Nautica comforter that Sean has had for 15 years and now you can finally trash it without putting up a fight..
    *I am so so so excited you get to spend the weekend with Jen when she is having a hard time, I did not know it was her Birthday weekend!
    *I am really reawlly really wanting to sign up for a half marathon..... The one in Austin is in April, that is too short time for me to train from scratch
    *I have not caught up on my devotions that I missed this weekend, including Friday.. eek!
    *I love you to infinity and beyond!!